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Year 4 Adventures at PGL Beam House

On Wednesday 15th May, children from year 4 and the accompanying staff made their way just down the road to the PGL activity centre Beam House. They had a full itinerary with a variety of  activity sessions led by well trained, enthusiastic PGL instructors. The activities, specially designed to motivate, build confidence and encourage development in pupils, included: 

• Blokarting
• Trapeze
• Fencing
• Surfing and Street Surfing
• Rifle Shooting

In addition, they also enjoyed  fun evening entertainment including Wacky Races and a Campfire. 

The children all had a wonderful experience and displayed excellent perseverance, resilience and teamwork. Thank you to the all the PGL staff for making Bluecoat feel so welcome and to all the accompanying adults that made the visit possible.

Here are some comments from the children:

“I was proud of Molly on the trapeze. She got to the top but then started crying and said she was scared – but she tried and did it!” – Kaci

“I persevered turning on the street surfing board” – Connor

“I was proud of myself because I tried to get to the top, I was really scared. The best bit was surfing” – Sienna

“When I got to the trapeze I got scared, but Jacqui (our TA) encouraged me to go on. She set me a target and I climbed up” – Alfie F.

“I think Maciej persevered and did not give up when we were doing street surfing. Me and Connor helped Maciej get his balance and after a while he was really good at it” – Arlo