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Year 1 Visit to Tiverton Castle

This term in Year 1, the children have been learning about Castles and life in the past. They have investigated the history of England in 1066 and explored the Battle of Hastings. Learning has focused on what life looked like in the Medieval times, especially life in the castles. The children were very lucky to bring the learning to life during a visit to Tiverton Castle where they were shown around by Mrs Gordon.

Mrs Gordon was so explicit and flawless with her expert delivery that the children could clearly imagine where the kitchen, the main keep and the secret passages once stood. The children were able to see how the old ‘garderobe’ (toilet) worked and were able to test the old helmets from the armoury; they were very heavy! 

They also had the opportunity to have a wander around Tiverton museum and explore all the unusual objects and artefacts from the past. The children tested some farming equipment, learned about the old ‘mangles’ that were used for washing and even examined an old TV set from 1960s. The weather was brilliant, the children were well behaved and the parent helpers were amazing. Everyone had lots of fun. 

Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible.