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Wounded Tommy takes shelter in Forest School

At the end of September, the Year 5 children were in for a surprise when they ventured into the Forest School area on a cold and miserable Monday morning.  They were greeted by an injured soldier from WW1.

He was hungry, cold, wet through, and had been shot in the arm and the leg.  He had not eaten for days, only feeding off berries that he could find.  The soldier was a school teacher and was married with two children.  Now he finds himself fighting in this Great War, facing battles and death.  Lost from his troop he feared that he may not survive and that he may never see his family again.

The children had the opportunity to interview him and learn more about the life of a soldier during this time.  They used the information they gathered to help them structure and develop a poem based on the life of a soldier.  The experience supported them in creating poetic features of writing such as alliteration, personification, adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors which brought their work to life.