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Wedding Bells

Bride: Lauren Cann
Groom: Ewan Johns
Best Man: Zachary Smith
Bridesmaids: Lottie Waghorn, Coralie Peacham, Evelyn Hodge, Lily Beer
Flower Girl: Evie Hill
Page Boys: Charlie Vaggers, Arlo Foster-Weir
Ushers: Lincoln Bott, Molly Baker-Churchill, Khorey Horsman, Macjei Grabusinski
Photographers: Buster Steerment, Lucas Fletcher-Buchanan
Mother of the Bride: Bella Thorne
Father of the Bride: Ebon Seldon-Green
Vicar: Ameer Sattar
Registrar: Allannah McConnachie
Bible Readers: Holly Cooper, Calypso Smithson
Prayer read by: Megan Baker-Churchill
Organist: Elsie Tucker

Huge celebrations were had in 1C and 1DT when Lauren and Ewan got married. Ameer was a splendid vicar, leading the ceremony. The children helped to write the vows and prayer, and everyone took part in the wedding service. This helped to bring our learning about Christian weddings to life. Aaron said “This has been the best school day ever!”

Many thanks to the parents and carers who provided cake, food, flowers, etc.