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Tristan da Cunha

A big thank you to William’s Dad who came to speak to us about a project he was part of with the Navy in getting much needed supplies to the most remote inhabited island in the world – Tristan da Cunha.  He spoke with us about the challenges of getting large equipment there, the great teamwork that was needed, the very many different sized boats, fuel consumption for the trip and also the volcano that had erupted.

He also shared a little bit of the island’s history.  Apparently, he told us, in an effort to grow the population, around 1826 ladies from nearby St. Helena were asked if they would like to marry a man they had never met from TDC.   Five ladies did agree and by 1832, TDC had a population of 6 couples and 22 children.  Can you work out how many people that was?

There were some some interesting questions to ask afterwards and children listened very well to the information given.  Later, William decided to build a model boat that was small enough to fit into the harbour of TDC to deliver supplies.  He and some friends really enjoyed role playing this in the water tray.  Great team work, just like the real operation!