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Torrington Inter-School Spelling Bee Creates a Real Buzz!

On Wednesday 24th June, Bluecoat C of E Primary School hosted an inter-school Spelling Bee competition across the Torrington Learning Community.  Participating primary schools included Bluecoat, Shebbear, The Clinton School, Monkleigh and The Flying Start Federation, and pupils from years 3/4 and 5/6 made up teams of three. Apart from demonstrating excellent knowledge of spelling, the children were attentive, determined and supportive.  Parents were invited along to provide some encouragement and Bluecoat were delighted to welcome over 50 spectators.

Whilst the children were working out how to spell the words it was absolutely silent – you could hear a pin drop!  Molly Macleod, Year 6 pupil from Bluecoat commented, “When it was our turn to spell, we all felt really apprehensive as the atmosphere was incredibly tense. When we were waiting to be told if we were correct, we all held our breath and it was such a relief when it was right”.

The Year 3/4 category had a clear winner – congratulations to The Flying Start Federation!  However, the Year 5/6 category has a rather more nail biting finish as the final two teams – Bluecoat and Shebbear – fought it out with tie breaker ‘spell off’ using bonus words.  There had to be one winner and congratulations go to Bluecoat.

The event was organised following a very successful in-house Bluecoat Spelling Bee earlier in the year.  After a rigorous selection process involving pupils from years 3 – 6, children were chosen to represent their School House Team. During both the selection process and the Spelling Bee a real keenness and determination to do  well was demonstrated by all who took part.

Participants had to collaborate in House Teams to spell words selected by the Rotary Club from a Statutory List.  This event took place in front of an audience of peers – which added to the pressure! The battle was close and results are as follows:

The children representing each House group and the points awarded were:

Yr 3 and 4: Billy Mitchell, Seb Maslanek and Alfie Williams-Rice                 Total: 85
Yr 5 and 6: Lauren Peters, Izzy Pollit and Harvey Hodge                             Total: 80

Yr 3 and 4:  Belinda Roberts, Emily Cooper and Lily Burrows                     Total: 95
Yr 5 and 6:  Neve Cox, Isaac Dempsey and Tilly Rooke                                 Total: 90

Yr 3 and 4:  Tom Loud, Kitty Sam and Phoebe Young                                    Total: 75
Yr 5 and 6:   Finn Towse, Maddy Snow and Charlie Sears-Avery                 Total: 90

Yr 3 and 4: Briony Folland, Tiegan Ager and Callum Pett                            Total: 100
Yr 5 and 6:  Molly Macleod, Erin Daley and Georgia Duncan                      Total: 100

Torridge won…and didn’t drop a point – well done! However, Tavy came a respectable second.

Special Thanks

The inter-school Spelling Bee competition was kindly supported by the Rotary Club who helped with arrangements, compered the competition and kindly supplied prizes for the inter-school competition winning teams and school. The event will now become an annual fixture with the trophies up for grabs for the 2016 winners!