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Thor’s Day Thursday!

At the end of their History topic ‘Anglo Saxons and Vikings’ in Autumn term, Year 5 re-enacted their own version of Thor’s Day Thursday. This came from their novel in English ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell in which a group of young Viking boys had to undergo an initiation ceremony to become full members of the Viking Tribe on the island of ‘Berk’. They had to find, collect and train a dragon to then demonstrate particular tasks on ‘Thor’s Day Thursday’ as well as take part in the celebration events on the island. In the Bluecoat Year 5 version, instead of children throwing axes – they did welly wanging! They also were able to enter an art contest to draw the ugliest dragon. Part of the day was spent learning the art of ‘sword fighting’ (with foam pipe lagging) followed by a fun tournament. The children needed to do ‘dragon egg collecting’ in a set time and were awarded prizes for the most collected. Finally, they had to show their skills in understanding and training their dragon by finding out in role play what their dragon ‘likes’ by testing it! A fun Thor’s Day Thursday was had by all the Year 5 pupils who also came dressed for the part. Fortunately it didn’t end in disaster…unlike the book where all the candidates were in line to be exiled!