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The Sun Had His Hat on for Sports Day!

On Tuesday 20th June, Bluecoat was a sea of red, blue, yellow and green t-Shirts as pupils prepared to battle it out for their house team to be crowned the champions of the annual Sports Day.  It was a beautifully sunny day and measures had been taken to ensure plenty of shaded areas for children to wait in between events and plenty of drinks on hand to stay hydrated. Parents and family were invited to come and be part of the day to cheer on their children, and year 7 pupils from GTS came along to to offer their support.

Year groups were split into boys and girls, and individuals within each group competed in the various events on a rotation; sprint, hurdles, tennis ball throw, high jump, javelin, spring jump, shot put and target shooting.  There were also two events where each group worked as a team – basketball and team relay. After each event a runner delivered the score sheet to the data team who input the all important numbers into the spreadsheet. Only they could see who was in the lead, and it is fair to say the team on top changed several times throughout the morning!  As the heat of the day rose the decision was made to draw the events to a close slightly early at 1pm but the sterling effort displayed by all involved meant the majority of the events were fully completed.

Such fantastic team spirit was displayed by the pupils; cheering each other on, congratulating the winners, and showing genuine support to each other. They were a credit to their families and the school and made the day what it was.

So who reigned victorious – Tamar, Torridge, Tavy or Taw?

1st – Tamar – Yellow (25955 points)
2nd – Tavy – Red (25355 points)
3rd – Taw – Green (24803 points)
4th – Torridge – Blue (24590 points)

Individual Results








It may have been Tamar that took the crown overall, but the results above clearly show that all teams worked fantastically well and deserve to feel proud of their achievements. There was some very close scoring too, and some in 4th place only missed out on a medal by a mere handful of points!

Much preparation went into the arrangements for the day, and particular thanks must go to Mr Tennant for the huge amount of co-ordination undertaken to ensure its smooth running. He commented, “it was a good day, and I’m looking forward to next year!”