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The Rolling Stone…Age!

As part of their Stone Age topic pupils in year 4 have been creating, performing and writing their own music.  With the help of modern technology, they have recorded their instruments and voices, then inserted the recordings into a computer program which allows layering of different sounds.

Every child has had the opportunity to play an instrument and hear themselves recorded as part of a whole class ensemble. They have used techniques which are used in the music industry – giving them an idea of how a recording studio works.

Please listen to the results! The music you hear has been recorded in layers and all the children have had the opportunity to produce their own version, including the use of sequencing software to create music from standard notation.

Stone Age Journey: Part One

  • Ukulele players: 4B and 4W
  • Glockenspiels: Dylan Guppy, Kitty Sam, Josey Edmonds, Tiegan Ager
  • Voices (in order): Fratton Tetley, Briony Folland, Poppy Rooke, Kitty Sam
  • Sound effects and mixing: Chloe Gough, Oliver Palmer, Thomas Eastabrook

Stone Age Journey: Part Two

  • Ukulele Players: 4B and 4W
  • Glockenspiels: Tom Loud, Jonne Dean, Chole Gough
  • Indian drum: Ozzy Manning
  • Sound effects and mixing: Jake Avery, Fratton Tetley, Briony Folland
  • Interview: Josey Edmonds, Gracie Avery, Tom Cullen