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Tamar Trading Support Build, Construct, Create Topic

As part of this term’s topic, children from classes RH and RM have been thinking about how to build, construct and create and one thing that came to mind was ‘Bob the Builder’.  Children set up their own role play areas as construction sites, site offices and tool shops, but in order to find out more they headed off to visit local builders’ merchant, Tamar Trading. Here’s an account of their visit:

‘We had a good look at some house plans and then saw the forklift truck getting the supplies off the very top shelf in the store room to build the house.  The crane then loaded the supplies onto the truck and off it went to make its deliveries.  Wow!  The people who operated the machines had to really look closely, measure and think about what they were doing to be safe.  Getting the forklift truck forks into the pallets was a bit like threading a bead!   Then, we went in to mix some paint to paint the inside of the house.  Evie and William had their coats scanned by the paint mixing computer and it then showed how to mix the exact colour of paint.  How amazing!  There were lots of numbers and letters on the computer to give instructions about mixing the paint, but fortunately in reception we are very good at reading letters and numbers so this was no problem for us. 

We then chose some colour sample cards to bring back to school with us.  Holly was particularly excited as she was about to paint her lounge and thought that the colours she had chosen would work well.  She is going home to see what her family think.  Connor decided he would like to be a lorry driver and Hayleigh-Louise would like to learn to drive the forklift truck.  What a trip!  We will be drawing, writing, adding to our role play area, counting tins of paint, making our own paint mixing machine and talking about this wonderful visit for a while so why not pop in and talk to us about it, we will be very excited to tell you everything that happened’.

A huge thank you to Nigel Butcher and the Tamar Trading team who put on such a truck and lorry show for our children.  They really had the best time (children and adults) and most importantly it has inspired their learning and quite possibly the next generation of building suppliers!