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Stephen Shield Cross Country Competition 2017

It was a drizzly and dreary day on Wednesday 18th October, but this was not enough to dampen the spirits of over 700 children taking part in the hotly contested Stephen Shield Cross Country Competition at Donnacroft in Torrington. It was a record number of participants and taking part were 6 Bluecoat boys and 6 Bluecoat girls from years 3-6.

The competition was fierce and Adrian Avery from GTS commented how excellent the pupils were throughout the morning. He said they were “well behaved and competed to their very best”. He also added that the competition “is a great event which gives a lot of pupils the opportunity to take part when sometimes they may not get that opportunity.”


Year 3 Boys – Blake Meakin (11th)

Year 3 Girls – Allannah McConnachie (17th)

Year 4 Boys – Camball Reeks (29th)

Year 5 Girls – Chloe MacDonald-Bale (3rd), Maisie Stevens (4th), Bluecoat Team 3rd overall

Year 6 Boys – Jacob Blease (7th)

Year 6 Girls – Maizie Mock (13th), Paige MacDonald-Bale (15th), Bluecoat Team 4th overall
 Well done everybody, great effort!