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Some Positive Touch in 3G

On Thursday 13th October, class 3G welcomed Mrs Harris in for some up to date Positive Touch training. The pupils were incredible. They remembered a lot of the training they had done previously and Mrs Harris was really impressed!

The programme, which is widely used by many schools and organisations, has proven benefits for children’s well being and preparation for learning. These include:

  • Promoting respect among children
  • Reducing levels of aggression and levels of bullying. It is a strategy recognised and encouraged by the ‘Anti-Bullying Society’.
  • Promoting self-esteem – a feeling of being individually perceived and acknowledged.
  • Providing a relaxing and calming environment, one necessary element that allows successful learning to take place.
  • A reduction in stress levels
  • Improved concentration
  • Encouragement and development of the imagination

Positive Touch only ever takes place child to child.  Children work in pairs, over clothes with the children working on each other’s head, back and arms with partners they are comfortable with.

Class 3G will be continuing training for the next few weeks and then Mrs Gibbons hopes to start their weekly sessions after half term.

Positive Touch really relaxed the students. So much so some of them nearly feel asleep! It was also seen to encourage respect and confidence in each other.

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