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Science Week Inspires Investigations in Reception

Children in Reception have been blossoming into budding scientists during a week of science investigations. Each investigation started with a challenge to overcome or was inspired by a book and children used their senses, explored various forces, looked at colours and so much more! Here is just a brief overview of what the children enjoyed:

Challenge: Can you get the water from this pig’s house to the next pig’s house?
~ Exploring Water using Syringes, Pipes and Pipettes

William:  ‘Ready, steady, PUMP!’ he exclaimed to his partner.  ‘I like pumping the water, it gets stuck in the pipe so I push it through with the syringe.’   ‘What’s that funny sound?  Oh! It’s the water sucking up!’

Daniel:  ‘The water is being squashed in’ (to the syringe)

Evelyn: ‘We holded it up (tube) and it (water) went straight through, but if we put it down (on the table) it gets stuck.’

Lottie: Using the syringe, ‘Its (water) going in, because when I pull it up, there is room for the water to go in.

Nicole: ‘I’m making it (water) go up and then down.  If you push fast it goes fast (water out of syringe), if you go slow, it (water) goes slow (out of the syringe).  I can do one in each hand! (pipettes).’

Brandon was intrigued by the pipette.  He tried to explain what was happening.  We talked about the suction and he said, ‘like a straw’.


Challenge:  Can you find the best material for a roof for the 3 little pigs new house?
~ Testing Waterproof Materials

Karson used lots of different materials on top of each other to try to keep the pigs dry.  He tipped the water on and watched.  “It kind of works, but I think it will come through in the end”.

Amber S said “if we used paper it would ‘melt’”.  We spoke about why she said this and she tried to explain needing some help.  She then after a process of elimination concluded that the plastic would be best.

Jayden touched each material and he chose the material that felt like his coat.  “It feels like my coat and my coat keeps me dry so it can keep them (little pigs) dry”.

Amber M tried to use the thick cotton wool material, she tested it with water, lifted it up and noticed that the pigs were wet.  “Oh, it’s because the wool has holes in it and the water came through”.


Investigation Inspired by ‘The Adventures of Scratch, Sniff and Mr. Smith’ by Shibani Mohindra and ‘Memory Bottles’ by Beth Shoshan
~ Making Own Perfumes

We read the book ‘The Adventures of Scratch, Sniff and Mr. Smith’ who invented a robot.  We were inspired by the scratch and sniff book to create our own perfumes.  In the story ‘Memory Bottles’, we heard how bottles of smells helped Mr. McAllistair remember special events and people from his past.  We named our perfumes after people, places, objects or events that they reminded us of.

Josh: “Mine is called ‘farmer’ because it’s like when I go out with my Dad in the field”

Brandon: “Mine is called ‘Roobos’, it’s just a made up name, but I think it is like it”

Evie: “Mine is called ‘Brother’, because I think about my brother when I smell it”

Aaron: “Mine is called ‘Happy’, because I felt happy when I made this and happy when I smell it!


Inspired by ‘The Day Jake Vacuumed’ by Simon James
~ How Does a Vacuum Cleaner Work?

After reading this book which finds Jake sucking up his whole family, and indeed his house and the book, into the vacuum cleaner, we decided to do our own investigations as to how a vacuum cleaner works and what it will or will not suck up!  Karson was so excited to try it out.  He held his hand flat under the hoover head and said, “it is sucking, but I’m too big to fit up the pipe”.

Tyler hypothesised that if the pipe was bigger perhaps it would suck up a person.  Coralie replied that we would be too heavy. We couldn’t test this as our vacuum cleaner was too small, what do you think would happen with a one?

Ella loved hearing the seeds being sucked up the pipe and was able to track them all the way to the bag in the machine.  “Be careful it if gets too full it might explode like in the story!”

Nicole realised that the paper she had chosen to try to suck up the vacuum was too large so she scrunched it up and then it went up the pipe.

Great fun was had by all and, you never know, there might be a few more offers to help with the vacuuming at home now!

We also had a game of blow football.  Daisy hypothesised that the wider straw would make the ball move better than the narrower straw as there was more room for the air to go through.  She then went to test it.  What lovely science thinking.  Come and find out what we discovered, we would love to talk to you about it.


Investigation: Corn Flour Gloop

We had lots of fun with the corn flour gloop.  We talked about what if felt like and looked like. These are some of our ideas:

Bobby : “this is fun, it goes all dry like snow, then it goes like butter”.

Megan: “it’s all crackly, you have to scratch it out”.

Isabel: “when I put it on my hand it gloops off, it’s like glue”

Alexa: “it’s really gooey and the powder feels soft and dry. When I try some dry gooey stuff in my hands it’s like it melts and it looks like ice-cream. It feels really smooth”.

Kaci-May: “I like it. It’s all squishy. You have to scoop it up. You can spread it and scrape it. I had an idea that we could work together and drag it all round the circle”.

Archie: “it’s hard and it melts then it’s runny. Water makes it melt”.