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Rocket Kids with STEAM Co.

As part of the Year 5 Enrichment Week activities, on Monday 5th March the children were visited by Nick Corston of STEAM Co., official partner of National Careers Week and supporter of British Science Week.

The visit was part of their #INSPIRANATION UK Tour, where they are taking their half day #ROCKETKIDS session to schools between Land’s End and John O’Groats for National Careers Week and back again for British Science Week. Inspired by Homer Hickman’s book ‘Rocket Boys’ and the film ‘October Sky’ (anyone good at anagrams?) and with the author’s full blessing, the STEAM Co. ‘Rocket Kids’ Sampler is two hours of rocket and science activity. The afternoon was made up of:

Rocket Kids Assembly
An engaging 30 minute talk/stage show, of aspiration, invention, determination, diversity, family and STEAM skills looking at what makes rockets fly and how the children can make their own.

Rocket Science Activity
All children got the opportunity to make a paper rocket and fire it into the air using a puff of air from a bike pump.

Rocket Launch
Despite the drizzly weather, everyone assembled on the playground for the highlight of the afternoon – a live rocket launch! Children counted down before the 2 stage ‘black powder’ rocket with parachute recovery system was fired several hundred feet in the air. Very exciting! See the video below to see the launch in all its glory.