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River Trip

Year 4 have been learning about river systems. They have learnt about the different features found along the river’s journey from the source to the mouth.

This journey can be split into three sections; youth, maturity and old age.

During the youthful stage, the river is fast flowing and has lots of energy to erode the channel and create features such as waterfalls.

After this, as the land is not as steep, the flow of the river slows down a little. The river starts to meander and features such as ox bow lakes can been found.

As the river nears the end of its journey, is becomes wider and slower. Now the river doesn’t have the energy to carry its load (the debris it has carried) and it is deposited. When this happens at the mouth of the river a delta is formed.

We found some of these river features during our field trip to the Torrington Commons. Look at our photographs. We found examples of debris the river had once carried that had created a mini-dam as well as a mini ox-bow lake.