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Potato Growing Presentation

The annual Potato Growing event in year 4 has become a hotly contested competition with pupils battling it out for the heaviest crop and the largest single potato. The competition is organised in partnership with the Torrington in Bloom Association and RHS Garden Rosemoor and is co-ordinated by Nigel Stark.

This year’s presentation took place on Tuesday 9th July. Nigel Stark, accompanied by Rosie Treharne, Miriam Petry and David Quire, all representing RHS Garden Rosemoor, had the pleasure of announcing the winners. The results were as follows:

Heaviest Crop:

First Place – Lottie Waghorn – 1.995kg

Second Place – Evie Hill – 1.876kg

Third Place – Bella Thorne – 1.545kg

Largest Single Potato:

Winner – Lottie Waghorn – 273g


Congratulations to all the winners and a thank you to all year 4’s as without them, there would be no competition!

Thanks also to Torrington in Bloom and RHS Garden Rosemoor, and of course Nigel Stark.