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Positive Touch at Bluecoat

Monday 13th November was the start of national ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. As part of the launch of this vital week of learning, all classes at Bluecoat Primary took part in class positive touch (Massage in Schools Programme) spirals with movements set to reflect a poem entitled ‘The Bystander’. This was a calm and quiet time of reflection as we all thought about our part in taking care of each other.

The Bystander

Positive touch activity for the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP)
written for the Anti-Bullying Conference, Weston-super-Mare, 2006.

Imagine a world without bullies.
What is the part that you’ll play?
Will you be the bystander,
looking on…
and then walking away?
Or will you be the befriender
offering support and making their day?
Imagine a world without bullies.
What is the part that you’ll play?
Or befriender?

Remember, the choice is yours.

Authors: Carol Trower and Anne Crease
Massage in Schools Association (MISA)
© Massage in Schools Association 2006

Children’s comments:
T said, “It helps you to work your muscles.”
R said, “It shows respect when you say,’ can I massage you’, because it’s not your body to touch!”
J said, “It gets your brain ready for learning.”
A said, “This is a special positive touch, because it is a different one with a poem about a befriender. That means don’t just let someone be lonely, go and say, ‘Do you want to play with me?’”
Z said, “It makes you feel relaxed.”

Positive touch is an on-going programme at Bluecoat School from R to Y3 and has been recognised as an anti-bullying strategy. For more information please visit our PSHE page or speak to Janice Harris, lead for positive touch at Bluecoat school and trained instructor.