Home Learning

Parents are a child’s first educator and we cannot underestimate the value of a successful and collaborative relationship between home and school.  Parents can support their child’s education more effectively if they know what the school is trying to achieve and what they can do to offer support.

Home-School Agreements

Home-school agreements provide a framework for the development of such a partnership. The contents of the agreement will clarify what the school is trying to achieve, and the agreement will set out the role of the school, parents and pupils in this vital partnership.

Download our  Home School Agreement

Home Learning Workshops

In order to support the Home-School learning partnership, we run successful Maths and Literacy home learning workshops for Reception parents and carers. We will be planning more for the future but in the meantime, you can watch a video of both workshops by following this link, if you have been provided with the password.

Should you wish to find out more or have a particular interest in attending a home learning workshop, please see Janice Harris.

Topic Leaflets

In addition to the Home-School Agreements, we provide termly topic leaflets which outline the areas that will be covered for the coming term.  This helps parents to support their child with their education in school, and provide opportunities for extended learning in the home.  The leaflets are available for download in under the relevant class pages.