Family Learning

We have a thriving Family Learning group at Bluecoat. Each term we run a six week programme for parents where parents explore how their child learns and the participants discover ways in which they can best support their child’s learning at home. We are continually developing new programmes in response to parents’ queries and interests.

‘Learning Through Play’ was the theme for the Family Learning group in the Autumn term 2015. Following observations of their child, both at home and at school, the group made portfolios of their child’s play and identified how they could best support their learning. The group were invited to celebrate their achievements and share their scrapbooks with the Head Teacher.

“‘The “Learning through play’ course was very enjoyable. It was interesting to find out more about how children learn and ways in which I can encourage my son with his learning” – Sonia (‘Learning through play’ participant)

“I liked Mummy doing this course because she watched me when I was playing and then wrote a book all about me!” – Rowan 5 years old

Comments from participants of ‘Supporting your child’s mathematical development’

“It has given me an insight as to how the children are taught and has provided me with more confidence to help out with maths at home.” – Lucy

“Knowing how my children are taught maths is really useful and I can use these techniques at home.” – Hazel