Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers

To find out more about how we process the personal data of our parents and carers under the GDPR:
  • Download Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers
  • Communication & Feedback

    Responses and Outcomes of Parent Questionnaires

    Please download the analysis of our Parent Questionnaire (January 2017)

    Please download the summary of outcomes from our Pupil Premium and ParentMail Questionnaires (February 2015).

    Please download the analysis of our Parent Questionnaire (March 2014)


    The school regularly posts news stories on the website under News and Events. Please check here regularly to see what wonderful things the children have been up to.

    Home School Contact and Reading Diary


    Your child will have a Home School Contact and Reading Diary. Please use this to pass information to your child’s class teacher. Ask a question, tell us something your child is concerned about, tell us something good that happened at home – anything that would be useful or interesting for your child’s teacher to know.



    Traditionally we have used paper letters but delivery of these can be unreliable; they are also expensive, take time to produce and use up trees. Sending cash to school for payments can also present problems.

    Internet and mobile communications are very much a part of social and business life – so with ParentMail:

    • Messages get to you reliably by email or by SMS text, or both
    • We can send messages to more than one family member or carer at the same time
    • Emergency or important information can be sent by text message
    • You can make online payments for school meals, trips etc
    • You can give permission for events and trips online without having to sign letters and return them

    In order to register for ParentMail you will need a special unique code. This will have to be given to you in a paper letter! Go to the ParentMail2 website and follow the instructions. You can enter the code without spaces and lowercase letters. Assuming it all works at the start then you will not have to do this part again.

    Let us know if you have any problems.

    Please note that if you are searching online for ParentMail, the version you want is ParentMail2.



    The school has a Twitter account. Regular updates appear on our home page as well as at

    Please note that the old Junior (@GTJuniors) and the old Infant (@bluecoatinfants) Twitter accounts are being closed.

    Talking to your child’s teacher

    Teachers are generally available at end of the school day to discuss any concern or answer any questions you have but do remember teachers have meetings after school so unless it is urgent, it may help to make an arrangement beforehand if you can. Formal parent interviews are held twice a year but we are always happy to arrange additional progress meetings with parents should the need arise.