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Nursery Children Explore the World on Their Doorstep…

Nursery children ventured out on visits to the town and learnt about the different jobs being done there as part of their learning about ‘The World on our Doorstep’.

They visited Sandfords Bakery and were able to have a sneaky peek behind the scenes. They saw the mixer and how the bakers rolled out the dough. They also went in the freezer…brrrrr – chilly! The best bit was when they got to taste some freshly baked bread – yummy!  Back at nursery, the role play area was transformed into a Baker’s Shop and children loved making cakes and serving customers.  We also did some real baking; making and decorating  biscuits.

They visited New Road Garage where Darren showed the children a car engine and told them how he changed the tyres. Saskia explained how people pay their bills and how she puts the key tag on so she knows what keys belong to each car…very important!  Back at nursery the children watched a film of a car wash and then made their own outside.  The children enjoyed washing Rachael and Cath’s cars (free of charge!)…what a perk!  The children also enjoyed some garage role play.

Finally the children went to the Vicarage garden plant centre where they looked at, felt and smelt the different plants…a real treat for the senses.  They were given a geranium plant to take back and look after in Nursery.