Upcoming Events

09:45 Reception Christmas Performance
Reception Christmas Performance
Dec 14 @ 09:45 – 10:00
Doors open at 9:30am.  Breakfast baps will be available in the Coffee Pod cafe prior to the performance.

Mischief Reigns Across Devon Libraries!

Children invited to join Mischief Makers at Devon Libraries

Devon Libraries are calling for children to sign up to read six books this summer as part of Mischief Makers, Summer Reading Challenge 2018.

The Summer Reading Challenge asks 4-11 year olds to borrow and read any six library books over the summer. The theme for the 2018 Summer Reading Challenge is Mischief Makers, inspired by the much-loved children’s title Beano, which celebrates its 80th anniversary.

Children will explore a map of Beanotown to find a hidden treasure chest full of pranks and become ultimate mischief makers! As children read library books for the Summer Reading Challenge, they will receive special stickers, some with mysterious smells. By adding these stickers to their map, young readers will help Dennis, Gnasher and friends solve clues and discover the treasure, having lots of fun and adventures along the way.

To take part in Mischief Makers, all children need to do is sign up at their nearest library where they will be given a colourful collector’s map of Beanotown to keep a record of their Summer Reading Challenge journey.

Mischief Makers launches in libraries across Devon on 14 July and it runs until the end of the school holidays

There’s a whole programme of events and activities planned at Torrington Library, including Lego Animation & Really Wild learning. Just contact your local library to find out how to take part.

Beano: The Summer Reading Challenge is excited to be working with Beano in their 80th anniversary year. This iconic comic, recently refreshed for a new generation of fans, will bring its unique humour to the Challenge to help us celebrate reading, creativity, friendship and fun! Beano Studios creates hilarious, rebellious entertainment worldwide including, digital content on www.beano.com, TV shows (catch Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed on CBBC) and the legendary comic and No.1 selling annual.

Libraries Connected is a membership organisation, representing heads of library services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We take a leading role in the development of public libraries through advocating for the power of libraries, sharing best practice and leading the debate on the future of the public library service. www.librariesconnected.org.uk


Search for Symbols at St. Michael’s

Year One have been to visit the church in search of symbols in the building. Some were particularly tricky to find, but great fun was had by all. We later discussed the meaning of the things we found. We were all amazed by the tiny details in carvings and pictures that we had not noticed on previous visits and agreed that we would be looking much more carefully now when we visit to find other fascinating details to look at.

Thank you to St. Michael and All Angels Church for allowing us to visit.

Wedding Bells in Class 1HT

The children in 1HT recently used all they had learnt about Christian weddings to plan and take part in their own pretend class wedding. Everyone had their role to play, from photographer to bride, guest to groom and much fun was had by all.

They learnt about the symbolism involved in a Christian wedding and really enjoyed the reception and party afterwards.


We wish to give our most grateful thanks to all parents who provided our fantastic wedding outfits and especially to those who gave their time to make fantastic cakes and arrange beautiful flowers for the occasion. What a day! We send our congratulations to our pretend happy couple!

Town Task Force – Working for Torrington

On Monday 11th June, Michael Collins of Rebel Boy TV, visited the school to chat to the pupils involved with the Torrington Town Task Force. Michael is a local journalist who is passionate about sharing the news of Great Torrington and he was interested to hear what the children had to say about the work of the Task Force and the difference they are making to the town. Task Force Leader, Jo Stevens, supported the interview and shared her thoughts about the group.

Here is what they had to say:

The Task Force is always looking for more volunteers so if there is anyone interested in getting involved, please contact Jo Stevens at Bluecoat C of E Primary School.

You can find out more about Rebel Boy TV and the news stories of Great Torrington on their social media channels:

Year 5 Pentecost Experience

Our Year 5 classes visited the church for this year’s Pentecost Experience. They heard about how the early Church received the Holy Spirit and then began to grow, till today there are billions of Christians around the world. The experience was well received by the children and staff and enhanced the children’s learning about Pentecost.

They were very grateful to the members of the church who gave up their day to present the experience and even provide refreshments.

What is Pentecost?

Pentecost is the festival when Christians celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is celebrated on the Sunday 50 days after Easter. The name comes from the Greek pentekoste, meaning “fiftieth”.

It is also called Whitsun, but does not necessarily coincide with the Whitsun Bank Holiday in the UK.

Pentecost is regarded as the birthday of the Christian church, and the start of the church’s mission to the world.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/christianity/holydays/pentecost.shtml

Rewards from Scholastic!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that came along and supported the Scholastic Book Fair earlier this year. Through your book purchases we raised a fantastic £211.60 worth of rewards which we were able to use for purchasing books for our library.

In consultation with the children, we now have a freshly stocked library with the books shown in this photo. Why not pay a visit and sign one out? Who knows where it will take you!

All Hail St. George!

After listening to the story of St. George and the dragon, children in Chapter 1 were inspired to create their own shields in the making area.

One child thought carefully about how to create a handle so that her shield could be held without her hand being seen; another demonstrated accurate cutting techniques – we were very impressed that she managed to find the end of the sellotape on her own! They showed great precision in their cutting and sticking and all of the children demonstrated fabulous stickability, overcoming problems as they arose without giving up and trying out different ideas until they were satisfied with the results.

Later the whole school joined together for a ‘St.George’s Day celebration parade’ around the grounds. Everyone enjoyed seeing what the other classes had created and talking about the Patron Saint of England.

Enriching Recycling

As part of the Bluecoat School enrichment day, year 5 teachers Mrs Hogan and Mrs Gibbons invited Mrs Recycle from Torridge District Council to work with the children in an effort to encourage more recycling at school and to reuse/recreate with items that the pupils brought in from home.

The items the children made will be used to enhance the school garden and pond area. This area is in the process of being developed as a space for quiet reflection and spiritual time but also for small groups to discover and learn about nature. The children were asked to help build create provision for bird nest building; they came up with the idea of a DIY nesting material wall hanging, a combined bird water bath stand and nest material stand. The children also built a double fronted bug hotel and low maintenance but attractive and colourful, funky flowers, from unwanted plastic bottles.

Your Toys Have Found a Good Home!

Earlier in the year, the children of Bluecoat kindly brought in some of their unwanted toys for the annual Epiphany Toy Service. Those toys then went on a journey to Romania to be donated to children in a variety of places.

Mags Zaharia has just received some lovely photos of the toys being given to three different Kindergartens around Sibiu, a city in Romania. One Kindergarten was based in the city and two others were in different villages. The children were very excited to receive them.

Maybe you can spot the one you gave in the photos!

Thank you for your wonderful donations.

Afternoon Tea for Mayfair

The children in Reception and FS3 had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Torrington Mayfair with traditional English food and having a go at the Floral Dance. The children had prepared cucumber sandwiches, scones, jam and cream, and also enjoyed a slice of classic Victoria sponge. A great afternoon was had by all as we talked about how unique this celebration is to our town and discussed how the Mayfair traditions have been passed down through the generations.

Year One Tie the Knot

The children in R1D finished their learning about traditional Christian services with a wonderful celebration – Brooke and Theo were married! The children planned for and organised the wedding, writing invitations and vows, making bouquets and button holes. Noah and George made fabulous ushers, asking everyone “Bride or groom?” as they entered the room. Rowan, the father of the bride, walked Brooke down the aisle accompanied by Harry and Luke, the page boys, and Harriet, Roamaney, Esme and Harriet, the bridesmaids, while Roo played the organ. James, the best man, had the important job of looking after the rings. Oscar read from the Bible, and Bexleigh and Elise witnessed the signing of the register. Lincoln led the service as the vicar, and Harry was kept busy taking photographs of all the key moments! Later, Brooke and Theo cut the cake and R1D celebrated with a party and food. Thank you so much to parents and carers for your support with providing costumes, and to Lorna for making the wedding cake. Congratulations to the happy couple!

The children in 1M also had a wonderful celebration when Megan and Harry got married on 24th May 2018! Charlie was a marvellous vicar, leading the ceremony and Freddie impressed everyone by being amazing by playing the piano! Children in 1M spent over three week organizing the wedding. They helped to make the flowers, write the vows and prayers and everyone took part in the wedding service. This helped to bring the children’s learning about Christian weddings to life. After the wedding ceremony children enjoyed their wedding reception with lots of yummy food, speeches and even a wedding disco! Children had plenty of time to party until the early hours of the afternoon! Many thanks to the parents and carers who provided the cake (well done to William’s mummy, it was delicious!), party food and flowers (a big thanks to Freddie’s mummy, they were beautiful!). Hip, hip, hooray to the new couple – Megan & Harry!


A fun-packed week for Year 3

Heatree Residential

In the first half of the summer term, many year 3 children experienced their first school residential. Heading to the beautiful Heatree Activity Centre on Dartmoor, they tried their hands at lots of different things such as abseiling, climbing, archery and team building games. The children and staff had a great time and the behaviour was exemplary. Here’s what they had to say:

“I loved the high ropes because I was brave” – Maggie, 3Y

“I really enjoyed the crate climbing activity because I enjoyed flying when the crates fell” – Lily, 3Y

“I liked the climbing wall as I tried really hard and got quite high” – Blake, 3Y

“My favourite part was archery because I had to work hard to hit the target and I did it!” –  Lottie, 3S

“I overcame my fears and got across the high ropes” – Mrs Young

Enrichment Week

For those children who did not go to Heatree, there was a packed schedule of enrichment activities to be enjoyed including swimming, visits to Dartington Crystal and the Library, devising a play in an afternoon at The Plough Arts Centre and being put through their paces at Function Fitness. Something for everyone!

Harry Potter and the Ending of SATS!

To mark the end of SATS week, pupils in year 6 were treated to a themed day to celebrate all their hard work. The pupils voted on the theme and the overwhelming winner was…..Harry Potter! In preparation, all pupils promised to read a Harry Potter book, and on the most part they all did.

Pupils dressed appropriately for the day in a variety of character outfits and they all looked marvellous. The staff got in on the act too! They enjoyed making spells and potions, and even enjoyed a game of Quidditch on the playground and a Potter themed banquet! 

A well deserved day for an extremely hard working and committed group of young people. 

Let’s be active – Tennis at Bluecoats!

For the last two years the Atlantic Racquet Centre’s Tennis Superstars project has delivered free Tennis to over 900 children in local schools and has seen a further 120 of them access tennis at ARC as a result. Following this success, Bluecoat C of E Primary School was offered the chance to be part of the fantastic project this summer.

The aspiration of the School Tennis Superstars Project is to enable as many year 1 and year 2 children as possible to try tennis completely free of charge in school time and then have the opportunity to take part in free Tennis session at the Atlantic Racquet Centre out of school time.

All our year 1 and year 2 children had a fantastic time during the engaging, fun and interactive Tennis Assembly that taught children all about the sport and its different variations. Congratulations to our very own Lucy Eastabrook for winning the tennis trophy!

The fun didn’t stop there! The children had a great time joining in the 30 minutes tennis sessions delivered by Tom Vinall the Head Coach & Sports Development Officer at Atlantic Racquet Centre. We all had an amazing day and are all keen to start tennis training before Wimbledon starts this summer! 

NASA’s Ticket to the Sun

Parker Solar Probe: Humanity’s First Visit to a Star

NASA has provided Bluecoat C of E Primary School with a ticket to the sun!

The Parker Solar Probe will swoop to within 4 million miles of the sun’s surface, facing heat and radiation like no spacecraft before it. Launching in 2018, Parker Solar Probe will provide new data on solar activity and make critical contributions to the ability to forecast major space-weather events that impact life on Earth.

In order to unlock the mysteries of the corona, but also to protect a society that is increasingly dependent on technology from the threats of space weather, NASA will send Parker Solar Probe to touch the Sun.

Flying into the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere, known as the corona, for the first time, Parker Solar Probe will employ a combination of in situ measurements and imaging to revolutionize our understanding of the corona and expand our knowledge of the origin and evolution of the solar wind. It will also make critical contributions to our ability to forecast changes in Earth’s space environment that affect life and technology on Earth.

Extreme Exploration

At closest approach, Parker Solar Probe hurtles around the Sun at approximately 430,000 mph (700,000 kph). That’s fast enough to get from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., in one second.

At closest approach to the Sun, the front of Parker Solar Probe’s solar shield faces temperatures approaching 2,500 F (1,377 C). The spacecraft’s payload will be near room temperature.

On the final three orbits, Parker Solar Probe flies to within 3.8 million miles of the Sun’s surface – more than seven times closer than the current record-holder for a close solar pass, the Helios 2 spacecraft, which came within 27 million miles in 1976 and more than 10 times closer than Mercury, which is about 42 million miles from the Sun.

Parker Solar Probe will perform its scientific investigations in a hazardous region of intense heat and solar radiation. The spacecraft will fly close enough to the Sun to watch the solar wind speed up from subsonic to supersonic, and it will fly though the birthplace of the highest-energy solar particles.

To perform these unprecedented investigations, the spacecraft and instruments will be protected from the Sun’s heat by a 4.5-inch-thick (11.43 cm) carbon-composite shield, which will need to withstand temperatures outside the spacecraft that reach nearly 2,500 F (1,377 C).

Launching some time between July and August 2018, the Probe will take with it a memory card containing the names of the privileged few who have secured themselves a ticket. Bluecoat C of E Primary School is one of the few! The Probe will be launching from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida during a possible launch window of 31st July – 19th August 2018. 

Some Bluecoat pupils have also managed to obtain a ticket along with Mrs Stocker and Mrs Hogan, so Bluecoat will be well represented in space!

A Cavalier Themed May Fair

On Thursday 3rd May, the community of Great Torrington came together to celebrate the annual tradition of May Fair. The Square was festooned with colourful bunting and the sun was shining as celebrations were kicked off in style by the Reception and Year 1 children. Their beautiful voices rang through the crowd at the service in the Square, led by The Reverend Peter Bevan. Year 2 children led the Floral Dance from the Pannier Market into the Square, the country dancing was performed by years 3 and 4 and the maypole dancing was expertly executed by years 5 and 6.

Year 2 children also formed the Guard of Honour ready to receive May Queen, Amelia Batten, and her entourage: Crowner, Paige MacDonald-Bale; Heralds, Albie Smithson and Freddie North; and Attendants, Allannah McConnachie and Poppy Fry, Ellie Cooke and Lilie Barber, Evie Hill and Calypso Smithson, Amber Schofield and Lily Beer. As they entered The Square the theme was revealed; this year it was “Our Cavalier Town”, celebrating Torrington’s heritage. The theme was chosen by Mayor’s Consort Keeley Allin, dressmaker Steph Fisher and her daughter Tanya. The Heralds were dressed as Cavaliers and the May Queen and Crowner wore golden gowns, representing the wealth and the monarchy. The Attendants wore 1646 style costumes holding baskets of bread and vegetables representing the market town.

Keeley Allin commented “We all agreed how lovely it would be to see two Cavaliers walking through The Square on May Fair day, so the theme was built around the boys, which is very unusual. The Cavaliers are such an amazing group of people and we are very lucky to have them in Great Torrington and I felt it was appropriate to build a theme around their history. Coincidentally, they are starting their build on their latest bonfire, so fitted in quite well. It was just lovely to have a theme that was entirely based around our town”.

May Queen Amelia Batten, added “Mayfair is a truly magical tradition. It brings an array of colours. Everybody involved with Mayfair is hardworking especially Steph Fisher, the dressmaker. It meant the world to me to be chosen as May Queen as I fell ill in year 3 and was unable to be an Attendant. The best moment for me was seeing my sister lost for words, overcome with tears of joy”.

This year also marked the end of an era for teacher, Paul Tennant, who retires at the end of the summer term. Mr Tennant has been integral to May Fair celebrations over the past 32 years taking children through the steps of the various maypole dances, ensuring the ribbons are just so and so much more besides. May Fair, and Bluecoat as a whole, will miss him greatly. Thank you Mr T for all your contributions to this wonderful occasion!

Physical Storytelling in Nurture Group

The children in the Nurture Group have brought storytelling to life in a physical re-telling of the popular tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and completely immersed themselves in the adventurous antics!

Follow the link to see their story in pictures:  Jack and the Beanstalk physical story

Torrington Town Task Force

By Jo Stevens

Our very own Community volunteer group, the Town Task Force, have been very busy creating designs for ‘plastic only’ recycle bins to be used in the square during the May fair weekend. This is a time when hundreds of people come into the square for various reasons over the May Fair celebrations, and the super-striking bins that the Town Task Force have created will not only brighten up the proceedings, but work well to reducing the waste created and help the environment.

These bins, which our very own volunteers have designed and created, are bright and unique. I hope you’ll all use one of the course of the May Fair weekend. This is the fifth project the children have been involved in this year, with a creative display being designed in the Town Library, delivering and sorting donations made to the Town Food Bank, the lanterns being designed in the square for the Grinchmas Parade at Christmas, and some sorting and tidying taking place in the costume department of The Plough. What a busy group they are!

First Quest Reading Champion of the Year!

Many congratulations to Year 6 pupil, Kaitlyn, who has reached the grand total of reading and reviewing 100 books with Librarian Tina Palmer during Quest Reading Club at lunchtimes.

Kaitlyn has been tackling the ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ series by Lemony Snicket to reach the 100th book at a rate of one title a day, every day! In order to reward Kaitlyn for this achievement she will be presented with a badge and certificate, a Golden Ticket for an honorary post as a Junior Librarian and a £10 National Book token. 

Hot on Kaitlyn’s heels is Layla, also in year 6 – it has been a bit of a race over these last few weeks to see who could get there first! Will they be the only 2 to achieve the title this year? Time will tell.



Easter Celebrations at Bluecoat

Chapter One

As part of their learning in Chapter One, and to join together to celebrate, they all went to the Parish Church to have an Easter celebration. The Reception children experienced the different parts of the Easter story through objects and ‘stations’ where they could stop, think and discuss what they saw. The FS3/year one children and parents from across Chapter One then joined them for an Easter service where each of the classes took part in some way. The Reception children sang and waved their pretend branches as they sang, ‘We have a King who rides a donkey’, 1M sang a beautiful song about our world, R1D recited a poem about Easter and 1HT performed an Easter dance. All the FS3 classes had written prayers which they read aloud for us all. It was a warm, wonderful, fun and thoughtful time for all.

Here’s what some of the children had to say:

“It was fun at church. I liked singing the songs. I liked doing it when my mum came to the church.” – Riley
“I liked to remember when Jesus was the light of the world and when we were singing I looked up above Mrs Harris and I saw Jesus on a cross.” – Paige
“I saw Jesus. I knew it was him because he was the tallest and he had a crown. The others were the apostles.” – Tadgh
“I liked finding crosses at the church. I found a massive one on the roof.” – Kyran

Chapter Two and Three

St. Michael’s Church rang with the sound of children singing, as Chapters 2 & 3 took part in their annual Easter service. The Arts were very much in evidence throughout the service, beginning with Class 3S who presented a short play telling the story of ‘The Tale of the Three Trees’ (Author Unknown). The children spoke clearly, with every word memorised. They had obviously worked hard to make sure that the play was the success that it was as they told the story of how the three trees played a part in the story of Jesus’ birth, life and death.

The Chapter 2 choir made their debut with 2 songs ‘O Happy Day’ and ‘How far I’ll go’ from the film ‘Moana’. Their singing came over so strongly and filled the church. Britain’s got Talent, here they come!
Other singers were Katie, Maddie and Layla, who led in the singing of ‘When I think about the Cross’. A few people said how touched they had been by the girls’ singing. “It almost made me cry”, admitted one member of staff.
So many people were involved in making the day such a joyous celebration.

Thank you to all the children and staff for their enthusiasm and participation today, singing, reading acting and praying. Thank you also to Rev Peter Bevan and those from St Michael’s Church who were also involved up front and behind the scenes. A real team effort!


Year 4 Easter Experience

Once again, we would like to thank all those from St Michael’s Church who presented the Easter Experience to our Year 4 classes.
Each of the stations was beautifully designed by these volunteers and appreciated by all the staff and children. The Easter story was clearly explained and the children’s learning, much enriched.
It goes without saying, that the cakes and refreshments were also enjoyed by everyone!