PE Superstars!

Every year, GTS launch the Great Torrington Learning Community Year 6 PE Superstars Academy. Children in year 6 from across schools in the area are identified as being more able in PE and have the opportunity to try out for the academy. For all the tests carried out, the children that were selected for the academy achieved 4 of the highest scores across all of the activities.

As part of the Superstar Academy, participants will have the opportunity to be involved in three days of specially organised activities including a session of professionally coached volleyball, a basketball academy coaching and competitive games session and finally, a trip to Bath University to experience their fantastic sports facilities and participate in a day’s programme of activities.







So who are these Bluecoat Superstars?

Huge congratulations to:

Rowan Seldon-Green
Madison Harding
Chloe McDonald-Bale
Jack Hoare
Natasha Howard
Maisie Stevens
Frankie Potts
Billy Williams-Rice


Autumn Multi-Skills

During the last week of this October half term, children from Years one and two attended GTS to take part in an Autumn Multi-skills Festival. The Festival was organised by the staff and Year 7 students from GTS and led by Adrian Avery. The children had a great time and thorough enjoyed all the activities that were made available to them.

Thanks to all the parent volunteers who took part, ensuring that our walk in the drizzling weather was without any complications!

On Track for Gold!

Here at Bluecoat, we love reading and we love to celebrate reading. We are delighted that Amber, in year 4, has achieved her Book Track Gold. In order to achieve this accolade, Amber had to read and review 100 books from the library. She was presented with her badge and certificate at Torrington Library. Congratulations Amber!

Book Track is a scheme facilitated by libraries and is available to children aged 6 or over. Book Track is not a race and it’s not a test – it’s the chance to keep a record of all the books children read, and collect stickers and badges along the way. Children are encouraged to choose the books they like, and when they have read them, they tell the library a little bit about them. Library staff keep a record of what books have been read on the Book Track journey to reading 100 books!

Book Track is now a validated activity for the Children’s University so pop into your local library to find out how by doing Book Track you could earn stamps in your Children’s University passport.


Mathletics Champions Treated to High Tea

Just before the summer break, we launched a competition to run over the summer holidays. The Mathletics Summer Challenge does just that – it challenges pupils to get the highest score on Mathletics.

Very well done to Benjamin, Aidan, Ophelia, William, Daisy and Elizabeth for achieving the highest scores! As a reward, they were invited to afternoon tea at RHS Garden Rosemoor as a ‘well done and thank you’ for keeping their maths learning going over the summer holidays – keep it up!

Annual Potato Growing Competition

Over the past few weeks, children in year 4 have been taking part in the annual Potato Growing Competition. The Competition is led by Torrington in Bloom in partnership with RHS Garden Rosemoor. Each child’s crop was taken away and weighed and the prize giving presentation took place on 16th July.

The presentation was led by Cllr N. Stark, along with Mayor of Torrington, Di Davey and Chair of Torrington in Bloom, Cherry Hammon. Di Davey commented, “It was refreshing to see the enthusiasm and pride the children had for this competition, it also gave them an educational opportunity to learn about the history of the potato.”

The Results

Winning gold, with a bumper crop of 2605 grams of potatoes, was James P.
Winning silver, with a crop of 1675 grams, was Henry S.
Winning bronze, with a crop of 1644 grams, was Macy G.

There was also a special award for the largest single potato grown. The winner was Thomas S. with one single potato weighing 348 grams.

Summer Holiday Ideas for Reception

The summer holiday can be quite a break away from learning for our youngest pupils so our Reception team have put together a booklet full of ideas to help maintain and continue your child’s development over the summer break. The booklet supports the partnership between parents/carers and staff to help develop the learning of our children.

Please do as much or as little as you have time for, but most of all…have fun!

Download the booklet here: FS2 2018-SUMMER-HOLIDAY-home-learning.pdf

Have a safe and happy summer.

Hollywood Hits Torrington!

Great Torrington got a touch of Hollywood glitz and glamour as the red carpet was laid out in preparation for the arrival of some top film stars. The stars were of course our year 6 children who were premiering their end of term film ‘Go For Gold’ at The Plough Arts Centre on Tuesday 17th July. There was an audible gasp as the children caught their first glimpse of the red carpet as they emerged from around the corner, but they soon got into the swing of the occasion as they were ‘papped’ entering the building! 

The children, along with year 6 teachers Mrs Drew, Mr Strode and Mrs Hay, had been working tirelessly on the project and they were so excited to be in the auditorium waiting for their first look at the finished product. Many parents and carers also came along to the event which made it all the more special.

An Oscars ceremony followed the film which was ably presented by Grace and Jonah. The anticipation was tangible as the awards were read out…..

Best Male Actor
Nominations: Stan, Hayden, Toby S, Callum          Winner: Stan

Best Female Actor:
Nominations: Evie, Grace, Robyn, Cody          Winner: Evie

Most Enthusiastic Singer
Nominations: Kyle, Robyn, Jonah, Lily          Winner: Kyle

Best Costume
Nominations: Toby S, Stan, Daniel, Mia          Winner: Toby S

Best Prop Maker
Nominations: Summer, Hebe, Kiera, Kacey          Winner: Summer

Best Blooper
Nominations: Stan/Daniel fight, Stan/Hayden duel, Toby S, Milton/Jacob          Winner: Daniel

Best Supporting Male Actor
Nominations: Toby C, Jonathan, Dacascos, Jonah          Winner: Toby C

Best Supporting Female Actor
Nominations: Lani, Sapphire, Bobby, Maddie C          Winner: Lani

Best Comic Performance
Nominations: Connor, David, Lani, Maddie C          Winner: Connor

The Directors also received unexpected Best Director Oscars and Marten Gallagher received and Oscar for Best Technical Support. There was also a mystery award presented by Ms Fleming to Mr Tennant for his 32 years of service at Torrington Juniors/Bluecoat Primary. Mr Tennant explained how his job had been made easy as the children of Torrington were “the best”.

This really was a very special occasion and one where many happy memories were made. 

Thank you to RHS Garden Rosemoor for kindly lending us the red carpet and to The Plough Arts Centre for hiring us the space.

Ridiculous Rhyme Show

On Tuesday 3rd July, Joe Chambers and Andrew Crawford (First Officer Ditty and Professor Poet, as seen on ‘The Rhyme Rocket’ on CBeebies, joined us for an exciting interactive literacy morning. Children from across the school were treated to their Ridiculous Rhyme Show, a live performance of rhyme, poetry, song and silliness with the aim of improving and promoting rhyme awareness within literacy.

Following the performance, children in Chapter 3 participated in their TV Workshop which was an opportunity for the children to gain an understanding of what Joe and Andy do as a job and how they got into working in television.

Minibeast Arts and Crafts in Reception

As part of our Minibeast topic we invited parents, carers and some of our friends from Year 6 to join us for an afternoon of art and craft. Everyone had a fantastic time working on a variety of projects such as clay snails, minibeast headbands, butterfly wings, collage, junk modelling and painting. We finished the afternoon with some bread and honey.

It’s Coming Home!

Following on from the euphoria of last night’s England win, we are delighted that the Bluecoat Girls team have been victorious at the North Devon School Sport Football competition at Park School in Barnstaple today (Wednesday 4th July). The team came joint 1st with Sticklepath and Ilfracombe.

The chants of ‘…it’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, football’s coming home….” rang through the school as the team returned looking rather pleased with themselves. Kelvyn Bond, team Coach, commented “I’m so very proud of the girls, the way they all played. Maizie Mock had the goal of the tournament – just floated the ball in the top left corner and the keeper didn’t stand a chance!”

Score Sheet

Bluecoat Girls 1 v 0 Yeo Valley
Bluecoat Girls 6 v 0 Westcroft
Bluecoat Girls 2 v 1 Bishops Tawton 
Bluecoat Girls 0 v 0 Sticklepath
Bluecoat Girls 0 v 0 Ilfracombe


Well done to the whole team, your school is very proud of you. Let’s hope England can do the same on Saturday!


Pictured below (L-R): Ruby, Chloe, Kayleigh, Hebe, Bobbi, Madelene, Paige, Katie, Maizie


A Beastly Encounter for Bluecoat!

In Reception and Year One, we recently took part in a Minibeast Workshop. Kim from Really Wild Learning visited us with his exciting collection of bugs and beasts, and took us on an imaginary hunt through the forest. We encountered giant snails, millipedes, stick insects, geckos, a bearded dragon, a scorpion, a tarantula and even a python! It really helped to bring our minibeast topic alive, seeing, touching and holding the animals and finding out fantastic facts about them.

Harry M: “I liked holding the stick insect because it was stuck to me!”
Brooke: “I learned that there are things on the millipedes – mites.”
Alice: “I learned that the mummy stick insect is bigger than the daddy one.”
Roo: “I liked the glow in the dark scorpion.”
Isabella: “Bearded dragons eat insects. Stick insects stick on trees because they pretend to be sticks so they don’t get eaten.”

Wimbledon Fever Hits Bluecoat!

With Wimbledon upon us and to link with our topic ‘We are the Champions’, year 3 celebrated their tennis skills with parents and carers. We had glorious sunshine and shared a cream tea. The session was enjoyed by all!

Mischief Reigns Across Devon Libraries!

Children invited to join Mischief Makers at Devon Libraries

Devon Libraries are calling for children to sign up to read six books this summer as part of Mischief Makers, Summer Reading Challenge 2018.

The Summer Reading Challenge asks 4-11 year olds to borrow and read any six library books over the summer. The theme for the 2018 Summer Reading Challenge is Mischief Makers, inspired by the much-loved children’s title Beano, which celebrates its 80th anniversary.

Children will explore a map of Beanotown to find a hidden treasure chest full of pranks and become ultimate mischief makers! As children read library books for the Summer Reading Challenge, they will receive special stickers, some with mysterious smells. By adding these stickers to their map, young readers will help Dennis, Gnasher and friends solve clues and discover the treasure, having lots of fun and adventures along the way.

To take part in Mischief Makers, all children need to do is sign up at their nearest library where they will be given a colourful collector’s map of Beanotown to keep a record of their Summer Reading Challenge journey.

Mischief Makers launches in libraries across Devon on 14 July and it runs until the end of the school holidays

There’s a whole programme of events and activities planned at Torrington Library, including Lego Animation & Really Wild learning. Just contact your local library to find out how to take part.

Beano: The Summer Reading Challenge is excited to be working with Beano in their 80th anniversary year. This iconic comic, recently refreshed for a new generation of fans, will bring its unique humour to the Challenge to help us celebrate reading, creativity, friendship and fun! Beano Studios creates hilarious, rebellious entertainment worldwide including, digital content on, TV shows (catch Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed on CBBC) and the legendary comic and No.1 selling annual.

Libraries Connected is a membership organisation, representing heads of library services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We take a leading role in the development of public libraries through advocating for the power of libraries, sharing best practice and leading the debate on the future of the public library service.


Search for Symbols at St. Michael’s

Year One have been to visit the church in search of symbols in the building. Some were particularly tricky to find, but great fun was had by all. We later discussed the meaning of the things we found. We were all amazed by the tiny details in carvings and pictures that we had not noticed on previous visits and agreed that we would be looking much more carefully now when we visit to find other fascinating details to look at.

Thank you to St. Michael and All Angels Church for allowing us to visit.

Wedding Bells in Class 1HT

The children in 1HT recently used all they had learnt about Christian weddings to plan and take part in their own pretend class wedding. Everyone had their role to play, from photographer to bride, guest to groom and much fun was had by all.

They learnt about the symbolism involved in a Christian wedding and really enjoyed the reception and party afterwards.


We wish to give our most grateful thanks to all parents who provided our fantastic wedding outfits and especially to those who gave their time to make fantastic cakes and arrange beautiful flowers for the occasion. What a day! We send our congratulations to our pretend happy couple!

Town Task Force – Working for Torrington

On Monday 11th June, Michael Collins of Rebel Boy TV, visited the school to chat to the pupils involved with the Torrington Town Task Force. Michael is a local journalist who is passionate about sharing the news of Great Torrington and he was interested to hear what the children had to say about the work of the Task Force and the difference they are making to the town. Task Force Leader, Jo Stevens, supported the interview and shared her thoughts about the group.

Here is what they had to say:

The Task Force is always looking for more volunteers so if there is anyone interested in getting involved, please contact Jo Stevens at Bluecoat C of E Primary School.

You can find out more about Rebel Boy TV and the news stories of Great Torrington on their social media channels:

Year 5 Pentecost Experience

Our Year 5 classes visited the church for this year’s Pentecost Experience. They heard about how the early Church received the Holy Spirit and then began to grow, till today there are billions of Christians around the world. The experience was well received by the children and staff and enhanced the children’s learning about Pentecost.

They were very grateful to the members of the church who gave up their day to present the experience and even provide refreshments.

What is Pentecost?

Pentecost is the festival when Christians celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is celebrated on the Sunday 50 days after Easter. The name comes from the Greek pentekoste, meaning “fiftieth”.

It is also called Whitsun, but does not necessarily coincide with the Whitsun Bank Holiday in the UK.

Pentecost is regarded as the birthday of the Christian church, and the start of the church’s mission to the world.


Rewards from Scholastic!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that came along and supported the Scholastic Book Fair earlier this year. Through your book purchases we raised a fantastic £211.60 worth of rewards which we were able to use for purchasing books for our library.

In consultation with the children, we now have a freshly stocked library with the books shown in this photo. Why not pay a visit and sign one out? Who knows where it will take you!

All Hail St. George!

After listening to the story of St. George and the dragon, children in Chapter 1 were inspired to create their own shields in the making area.

One child thought carefully about how to create a handle so that her shield could be held without her hand being seen; another demonstrated accurate cutting techniques – we were very impressed that she managed to find the end of the sellotape on her own! They showed great precision in their cutting and sticking and all of the children demonstrated fabulous stickability, overcoming problems as they arose without giving up and trying out different ideas until they were satisfied with the results.

Later the whole school joined together for a ‘St.George’s Day celebration parade’ around the grounds. Everyone enjoyed seeing what the other classes had created and talking about the Patron Saint of England.

Enriching Recycling

As part of the Bluecoat School enrichment day, year 5 teachers Mrs Hogan and Mrs Gibbons invited Mrs Recycle from Torridge District Council to work with the children in an effort to encourage more recycling at school and to reuse/recreate with items that the pupils brought in from home.

The items the children made will be used to enhance the school garden and pond area. This area is in the process of being developed as a space for quiet reflection and spiritual time but also for small groups to discover and learn about nature. The children were asked to help build create provision for bird nest building; they came up with the idea of a DIY nesting material wall hanging, a combined bird water bath stand and nest material stand. The children also built a double fronted bug hotel and low maintenance but attractive and colourful, funky flowers, from unwanted plastic bottles.