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Music and science in Reception

Music and science in Reception

As part of science week Class RM experimented with sound and music. We enjoyed trying out
lots of different instruments. We found out how the sound was made and how we could change

Felix enjoyed playing the guitar and the violin ‘when you put your finger on it the string goes
wobbly. That’s how it makes a sound. I like the violin because I’ve seen people playing them on

Oscar thought that the guitar string sounded like it was singing.

Sadie told us how to play the ukulele and that you can have a plectrum to play it.

Lola loved the violin ‘it sounds so beautiful. The stick slides and the the strings are wobbling.

The sound holes get the sound out’.

Kade made a shaker ‘I added some rice and seeds into a pot and made a lid. When I shake it, it

sounds like rain.’

Josh and Alfie enjoyed playing the boomwhackers ‘ you whack it against equipment outside and

it makes music.’

Kati played the violin ‘ the violin was under my chin. It was fun because it made a really nice

sound. When I put the stick on it the string moves and it vibrates’

Toby made a pot with elastic bands. He said ‘it made a bringgg sound!’

Ethan played the guitar ‘when we touch the strings they stop, but if we don’t touch them they

keep going’.

Macy liked the recorder ‘If you blow it too hard a squeak come out of the hole at the top. That’s

where you blow’.

We had lots of fun being musicians and scientists!