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Hugo the Hedgehog Helps Class RH Learn!

In class RH they have been thinking about the seasons changing.  They have been finding out about how this affects the animals and as part of this learning Miss Dixon brought in her pet ‘Apricot African Pygmy Hedgehog’ called Hugo.  We were surprised by its pale (apricot) prickles and learnt some new words; ‘nocturnal’, ‘hibernation’ and ‘quills’.

Malakai wanted to know if hedgehogs dream – what a great question!  Miss Dixon said, “Maybe, I do hear him making sounds and see him twitching when he sleeps, so perhaps he is dreaming!  I bet he dreams about eating mealworms and cat treats!”

In class they have also been measuring using the terms, ‘wide’, ‘narrow’, ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ as they cut and added their own quills to wooden hedgehogs.  They have also been developing our finger strength and dexterity by making clay ‘pinch’ hedgehogs.  You’re welcome to visit the class if you wish to see these and find out more.

A big thank you to Hugo the Hedgehog and Miss Dixon for coming to visit.