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Hollywood Hits Torrington!

Great Torrington got a touch of Hollywood glitz and glamour as the red carpet was laid out in preparation for the arrival of some top film stars. The stars were of course our year 6 children who were premiering their end of term film ‘Go For Gold’ at The Plough Arts Centre on Tuesday 17th July. There was an audible gasp as the children caught their first glimpse of the red carpet as they emerged from around the corner, but they soon got into the swing of the occasion as they were ‘papped’ entering the building! 

The children, along with year 6 teachers Mrs Drew, Mr Strode and Mrs Hay, had been working tirelessly on the project and they were so excited to be in the auditorium waiting for their first look at the finished product. Many parents and carers also came along to the event which made it all the more special.

An Oscars ceremony followed the film which was ably presented by Grace and Jonah. The anticipation was tangible as the awards were read out…..

Best Male Actor
Nominations: Stan, Hayden, Toby S, Callum          Winner: Stan

Best Female Actor:
Nominations: Evie, Grace, Robyn, Cody          Winner: Evie

Most Enthusiastic Singer
Nominations: Kyle, Robyn, Jonah, Lily          Winner: Kyle

Best Costume
Nominations: Toby S, Stan, Daniel, Mia          Winner: Toby S

Best Prop Maker
Nominations: Summer, Hebe, Kiera, Kacey          Winner: Summer

Best Blooper
Nominations: Stan/Daniel fight, Stan/Hayden duel, Toby S, Milton/Jacob          Winner: Daniel

Best Supporting Male Actor
Nominations: Toby C, Jonathan, Dacascos, Jonah          Winner: Toby C

Best Supporting Female Actor
Nominations: Lani, Sapphire, Bobby, Maddie C          Winner: Lani

Best Comic Performance
Nominations: Connor, David, Lani, Maddie C          Winner: Connor

The Directors also received unexpected Best Director Oscars and Marten Gallagher received and Oscar for Best Technical Support. There was also a mystery award presented by Ms Fleming to Mr Tennant for his 32 years of service at Torrington Juniors/Bluecoat Primary. Mr Tennant explained how his job had been made easy as the children of Torrington were “the best”.

This really was a very special occasion and one where many happy memories were made. 

Thank you to RHS Garden Rosemoor for kindly lending us the red carpet and to The Plough Arts Centre for hiring us the space.