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‘High Five’ For The Bluecoat Netball Team

After a previous postponement due to bad weather, the Bluecoat Netball team finally got their friendly ‘Away’ High 5 Netball match against Monkleigh Primary on    Monday 3rd  July. With amazing views from Monkleigh’s netball court, Paige won the toss and decided which end they shot from in the first quarter, so Monkleigh took the first centre pass. In the first quarter Paige scored followed by a second goal in the second quarter by Marnie.

Mrs Wilson, Monkleigh’s PE coordinator, refereed the match supported by some of her Year 6 netballers. It was a competitive but friendly match, balanced well in ability with teams of mainly Year 4 and 5 children. Monkleigh gained their first goal in the third quarter but weren’t able to make a draw. By the last quarter, Bluecoat had won scoring 2:1. It was the first match for many of the children from both schools and they all really enjoyed the experience. After the match, the teams joined together for some chocolate gateaux cake provided by Mrs Nash in their school’s kitchen. Thank you to Mrs MacDonald-Bale and Mrs Potts for kindly helping to provide transport there and back.