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German Exchange Trip to Potsdam

The Yr. 5 German Exchange Trip to Potsdam

21 Year 5 children and 6 staff (Mr Hart, Mrs Hogan, Mrs Dayment, Mrs Brown, Miss Mitchell and Mrs McLeod) had an amazing time on our recent residential trip to Babelsberg in Potsdam, Germany.  We came back exhausted but very enthused having had a non-stop schedule in order to cram in as much as possible in the 5 days we were there.

The partnership with ‘Evangelische Grundschule Babelsberg’ was a great success and good friends/work relationships were made between both the pupils and staff.  The theme of our trip was ‘Peace and Conflict’ and both English and German pupils worked together on art and drama activities studying what peace is, how it can be achieved, and how to resolve conflicts in our daily lives and communities as well as bigger world issues.  We visited many sites around Berlin that have connections from WW2 and looked at the conflicts that arose after the War when Germany and Berlin in particular were divided between the allies.  This included visits on the train to Berlin to the Allied Museum, Potsdam Plaza where the wall passed through, the Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag Building.

We also enjoyed exploring the area of Potsdam and the suburb of Babelsberg where the school was (by tram and train and walking), this gave us an insight into daily German life (including sampling the delights of a German bakery), and the children also had the opportunity to visit German family hosts with their pen pals which was a great success.

We hope firm, long lasting friendships have been made from the trip as well as all the educational learning that has been achieved.  Year 5 including those who didn’t go on the trip, continue their German topic into the summer term.  We are also looking forward to July, when 29 of the German pen pals visit us, in the mean time we will continue to skype and hopefully email too.