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FoTB Fundraising 2016-2017

The primary focus of the Friends of Torrington Bluecoat is to “engage in activities or provide facilities or equipment which support the school and advance the education of the children”. This year our main fundraising focus will be to provide ICT equipment across the school with 40% of the profits from every event being set aside for this. The remaining 60% will fund enrichment activities for all year groups throughout the year. We can’t do this on our own – it is only achieved through the generosity of YOU – our school community and here’s what’s happened so far this year.

Event Profits

So far this school year, your generosity helped us make the following profits at our events:

Date Event Amount
28 Sep 2016 Cake Sale £79.80
6 Oct 2016 Film Night (KS1 & Year 3) £154.84
19 Oct 2016 Harvest Disco £553.66
2 Nov 2016 Coffee Afternoon £171.70
17 Nov 2016 KS2 Film Night £193.99
24 Nov 2016 Christmas Bingo £675.29
1 Dec 2016 Christmas Fayre £1,910.46
8 Dec 2016 Christmas Disco £585.33
December 2016 Christmas Card Project £553.77
2 Feb 2017 Coffee Afternoon £105.50
  Total £4,984.34


We have secured the following grants this year:

Date Event Amount


We have earned the following rewards this year:

Date Event Amount
 November 2016  Scholastic Book Fayre £184.53 
  Total £184.53 


The FoTB have handed the following monies to the school:

Date Enrichment Activities ICT Project Total

The School have allocated the FoTB funds as follows:

Date Description Year Group Enrichment Activities ICT Project Total

Previous years

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