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Eco Ambassadors Take to the Streets

Bluecoat Eco Ambassadors discussed in a recent meeting how devastating the level of general ‘rubbish’ lying around our local community is. During the meeting they also highlighted opportunities which Bluecoat could do to help reduce the problem. This included some of them donning the high vis vests and heading out on a Great Big School Clean.

Class 5GH wanted to contribute to this incredible initiative and decided to spend the morning on the Commons collecting and recording the variety of rubbish collected. They set off on a Thursday morning after a Maths lesson on planning a suitable data collecting sheet. They predicted what ‘rubbish’ would be most common between the options of crisp packets, general plastic, plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper/cardboard and glass.
Immediately they were struck with how much ‘rubbish’ was in the school grounds and so they enthusiastically collected the rubbish into allocated bags. They wore protective gloves and used litter pickers to keep themselves safe.

They were a little presumptuous that they would make it to the commons in the time frame they had; in an hour and a half they only made it along the lane and to the local doctors surgeries!

On returning, they discussed the data collected and found that Noah’s group were correct in predicting that general plastic would be the most common variety found – with 540 pieces being collected. They decided this is because it is the worst pollutant in our modern world and it is the hardest to recycle all the different types of plastic.

Riley’s group predicted that the least amount found would be paper or cardboard. They thought this is because we, as a community, already recycle a lot of paper and not a lot of items come in paper packaging.

The children really enjoyed this learning experience, so much so it was suggested that the litter pickers are loaned out to families to use when they could.  

Class 5GH