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Easter Celebrations at Bluecoat

Chapter One

As part of their learning in Chapter One, and to join together to celebrate, they all went to the Parish Church to have an Easter celebration. The Reception children experienced the different parts of the Easter story through objects and ‘stations’ where they could stop, think and discuss what they saw. The FS3/year one children and parents from across Chapter One then joined them for an Easter service where each of the classes took part in some way. The Reception children sang and waved their pretend branches as they sang, ‘We have a King who rides a donkey’, 1M sang a beautiful song about our world, R1D recited a poem about Easter and 1HT performed an Easter dance. All the FS3 classes had written prayers which they read aloud for us all. It was a warm, wonderful, fun and thoughtful time for all.

Here’s what some of the children had to say:

“It was fun at church. I liked singing the songs. I liked doing it when my mum came to the church.” – Riley
“I liked to remember when Jesus was the light of the world and when we were singing I looked up above Mrs Harris and I saw Jesus on a cross.” – Paige
“I saw Jesus. I knew it was him because he was the tallest and he had a crown. The others were the apostles.” – Tadgh
“I liked finding crosses at the church. I found a massive one on the roof.” – Kyran

Chapter Two and Three

St. Michael’s Church rang with the sound of children singing, as Chapters 2 & 3 took part in their annual Easter service. The Arts were very much in evidence throughout the service, beginning with Class 3S who presented a short play telling the story of ‘The Tale of the Three Trees’ (Author Unknown). The children spoke clearly, with every word memorised. They had obviously worked hard to make sure that the play was the success that it was as they told the story of how the three trees played a part in the story of Jesus’ birth, life and death.

The Chapter 2 choir made their debut with 2 songs ‘O Happy Day’ and ‘How far I’ll go’ from the film ‘Moana’. Their singing came over so strongly and filled the church. Britain’s got Talent, here they come!
Other singers were Katie, Maddie and Layla, who led in the singing of ‘When I think about the Cross’. A few people said how touched they had been by the girls’ singing. “It almost made me cry”, admitted one member of staff.
So many people were involved in making the day such a joyous celebration.

Thank you to all the children and staff for their enthusiasm and participation today, singing, reading acting and praying. Thank you also to Rev Peter Bevan and those from St Michael’s Church who were also involved up front and behind the scenes. A real team effort!


Year 4 Easter Experience

Once again, we would like to thank all those from St Michael’s Church who presented the Easter Experience to our Year 4 classes.
Each of the stations was beautifully designed by these volunteers and appreciated by all the staff and children. The Easter story was clearly explained and the children’s learning, much enriched.
It goes without saying, that the cakes and refreshments were also enjoyed by everyone!