Soundwaves Extra Music Project

Soundwaves Extra Music Project

Early Years

Our highly trained practitioners provide the curriculum which includes the environment, materials, activities and adults working alongside children to promote growth in their social, intellectual, physical and emotional development.

Children have first-hand experiences where they can explore, create and become more independent in doing things for themselves. The learning environment provides rich opportunities for developing communication skills, investigation and children’s creativity. We ensure that children are able to make choices and provide resources that enable them to initiate their own play and learning, with adults supporting them in following their ideas.

The Characteristics of Effective Learning

Across the areas of learning we place great emphasis on developing children’s independence and thinking skills. We also aim to help your child develop skills and attitudes to become a lifelong learner:
• Children will learn through playing and exploring – showing curiosity, pretending, and being willing to “have a go”
• They will develop active learning – being involved, concentrating, enjoying challenge and keeping on trying.
• They will learn about creating and thinking critically – having their own ideas, making links in their thinking and planning ways to do things.

When your child moves to Reception the teacher will continue to plan to this curriculum. It sets out 7 areas of learning and development.


 There are three PRIME AREAS:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Physical Development  Communication and Language 
  • Having respect for other people
  • Forming positive relationships
  • Having confidence in your own abilities
  • Being an individual and belonging to a community
  • Being able to express and manage your feelings
  • Becoming able to express and manage your feelings
  • Becoming independent and helping others
  • Having feelings of wonder and joy
  • Sharing and celebrating special times and events
  • Developing co-ordination, control and movement
  • Building stamina and strength
  • Learning to move in various ways
  • Manipulating tools and materials
  • Making healthy choices with food and exercise
  • Developing confidence and skills in expressing yourself
  • Talking, listening, discussing and recalling
  • Play in a rich language environment

There are four SPECIFIC AREAS:

Literacy Maths Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design
  • Enjoying stories – telling them, making them up
  • Enjoying books
  • Enjoying rhymes and word play
  • Making marks and writing letter shapes
  • Writing for different purposes
  • Understanding and using numbers
  • Counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns, recognising relationships
  • Making simple calculations
  • Exploring and comparing shapes, quantities, weight etc
  • Finding way to solve mathematical problems
  • Using maths language
  • Finding out about people, places, technology and the environment
  • Observing closely the surrounding world and processes
  • Finding out about the pass
  • Exploring, experimenting and having ideas
  • Experiencing and changing materials
  • Representing and communicating your ideas through music, dance, art, role play, imagination, language
  • Having original ideas and thoughts
  • Imagining and creating
  • Planning, making and designing things

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