Our curriculum has 4 key drivers:

* Building Learning Power
* Creativity & Innovation
* Enterprise, Sustainability & The Real World
* Being Part of a Global Community

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The curriculum is categorised and led by the following curriculum teams:

  • STEM Subjects
  • Creative Arts
  • Languages & Humanities
  • Physical, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
  • Further information can be found by clicking on each category.

  • National Curriculum Guidance
    For any other information relating to our curriculum, please contact Matthew Newall, Deputy Headteacher.

    Enterprise, Sustainability & The Real World

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    Forest School

    Every child at Bluecoat C of E Primary School takes part in Forest School for 5 or 6 sessions a year during Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.

    Our trained Forest School leads guide the children through the Forest School experience opening their senses to the wonders of the woodland world and instilling in them a care for the outdoors.

    Exploring and using natural materials from the woods the children create things – some permanent, some ephemeral. They are supported to develop an ability to keep themselves safe whilst using tools such as secateurs and saws  under the close supervision of the team.


    Children experience the fascination of using a real fire for cooking on. Throughout the whole experience the children are encouraged to be independent, responsible and successful at what they do. The resulting effect on their confidence and self-esteem is very notable.

    Forest School is a powerful and welcome addition to life at Bluecoat School.

    Enterprise & Sustainability-related News

    The Real World

    Parliament 2015: Constituency Flag Project

    UPDATE March 2015: The Flag exhibition is now live online. See our flag along with all the other entries here: http://www.parliament.uk/2015flaghub 

    Bluecoat C of E Primary School is one of 650 schools across the country to be selected to take part in the constituency flag project which is part of the ‘Parliament in the Making’ programme celebrating the 800th year of the sealing of the Magna Carta and the 750th anniversary of the Simon de Montfort parliament. Bluecoat’s flag, representing the Torridge region of the Torridge and West Devon constituency, has been submitted and accepted as part of the project. Geoffrey Cox, MP for Torridge and North Devon has been in to school speak to the children about the project. Here’s what the children in class 4H had to say about his visit:

    “We went into Ms Fleming’s office and saw Mr Cox and Ms Fleming, but before that I was very nervous. When I walked into the room he made me feel really comfortable.  He talked to us about the flag project and things to do with it. Just about when we were going to go he replied ‘once again, it was nice to meet you’.” – Harley Weston

    “It was really nerve wracking meeting Mr Cox but he eventually made me feel a lot more comfortable. I got a lovely hello and a lovely goodbye.” – Frances Crocker

    “We went to Ms Fleming’s office to speak to Mr Cox about our flag design. He was really nice. Even though as soon as I walked in I felt nervous, as I got to know him he put my nerves at ease.” – Belinda Roberts

    “When meeting Mr Cox I was quite nervous because I had never met an MP before, but he was really kind and nice.” – Luke Pluckrose

    Following his visit, Mr Cox sent a letter to the children involved – see a copy here.

    The Torridge Flag

    Our flag represents the Torridge area of the Torridge and West Devon constituency. The four colours represent the rivers which are linked with our school house colours: Taw, Green; Tamar, yellow; Torridge, Blue; Tavy Red. They also represent the ribbons on the Mayfair pole. The fleur de lis represents Torrington and is our school emblem and the emblem of Great Torrington Senior School. The colours also represent our beautiful Devon. The blue represents the blue skies of Devon and the rivers and the sea, the yellow represents our beautiful beaches, the red is the blood from the great battle of 1646 and the green is the green of the Devon flag which represents the fields and the greenery, the trees and the bushes which make up our beautiful Devon.

    Torridge Flag - Bluecoat C of E Primary School

    Other Real World-related News