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Creativity Explodes Across Bluecoat!

The first two weeks of the Spring B half term were dedicated to the arts as our Arts Fortnight took hold from Nursery through to Year six.  Along with external artists being engaged to work with children, staff also shared their creativity by leading activities for the children to enjoy. Here is just a taster of what went on…


Children in the nursery went on a sensory walk, using their senses to listen, look, feel and smell the environment in Forest School. They thought of words to describe their walk to make into a poem, and took photos of interesting things along the way. Here is what they saw:

  •  snail
  • pricklethorn
  • tap bird
  • leaves fall off trees
  • horses in the stable
  • ginormous trees
  • house for mice

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They also enjoyed painting in a variety of ways – making brushes out of sticks and leaves, hand printing, painting with squirty bottles, printing with different objects and observational painting of a watermelon and daffodils.

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Reception children have really enjoyed arts fortnight and had the opportunity to get involved in lots of fun and creative activities:

  • Smelly chocolate art – making pictures with our fingers in chocolate powder which we then photographed;
  • Reading ‘The Pencil’ by Allan Ahlberg and then sketching our own pencil stories;
  • Around the world in 40 minutes drama with ‘Entertainingly Different’;
  • Tin can swing painting;
  • African drumming with Marion from ‘FabDrumming’;
  • Weaving, drawing and colouring based on the ideas of Mondrian;
  • Stone art – pictures from stones that we then photographed;
  • Dancing with ribbons and street dancing;
  • Watching Kirsty miming creating the planets in assembly linking collective worship with the arts;
  • Role playing the story of ‘The train ride’ by June Crebbin.  We even got our arts governor Tim Gilbert on board, although he did try getting on without a ticket, but Evie soon got him sorted;
  • Graphic scores based on the train ride with up and down train track to represent pitch.  We then played these on xylophones.
  • Screen printing things we imagined we could see from the window of the train.
  • Pancake face art, yummy and good to look at!

Come and have a look at our displays in class to see more of these activities.  We have also made a book of our arts fortnight memories that you can look at with us. Here are some comments from the children:

Holly: ‘ I liked it when we told the story together with our drums.’

Karson talking about the swing can painting:  ‘Alice ripped open the bottom and then it exploded with my favourite colour purple, swinging everywhere!’

William really enjoyed going around the world in drama with Entertainingly Different, he said, ‘I remembered Italy, they have ice-cream and I know the flag.’  Gemma, ‘We made pizza, just pretend with our hands, don’t drop it!’   Jayden said, ‘ We looked at lots of flags and smelt the curry.  It smelt lovely!’  Yes, we also visited India in our imaginations.

Great thanks to everyone involved, we look forward to continuing to explore the arts in class.

GTPS-Arts-Week-2015-03-05-104 GTPS-Arts-Week-2015-03-05-125

Year One

Children from Year 1 were focusing on art linked to the topic of Dragons and Castles. They made a tapestry about medieval life which involved lots of weaving, cutting out, sticking and also some stitching. Teaching Assistant Sarah Joliffe also helped children to make a class dragon from recycled materials and paper mache.

1M Arts Week1 1M Arts Week2










Parent helpers also supported in class sharing their expertise which was most appreciated; Mrs Palmer supported with weaving to make colourful dragon nests and Mrs Bond helped to make mini dragons made of icing for our dragon egg cakes as well as making our wedding cake for our class Wedding!

1M Arts 3 1M Arts 4 1M Arts 5 1M Arts 7












Arts Fortnight Competition Winners

Congratulations to all our competition winners throughout the arts fortnight:

Short Stories: Evie Manning (RH), Ethan Hare (2C), Emily Cooper (4B)
3D Art: Ebon Seldon-Green (R/1D), Ophelia Lathan (1B), Gracie Avery (4B)
Cake Decorating: Poppy Rose Gannon (RM), Alisha & Kacey Ashton (2C & R/1D), Harry Coad (4H), Holly Rice-Smith (6D)
2D Art: Rowan Seldon-Green (2C), Brandon Hickey (RH), Holly Rice-Smith (6D)
Art with ICT: Rowan Seldon-Green (2C), Ebon Seldon-Green (R/1D), Stanley Irvine (3C)
Poem/Song Lyrics: Brandon Hickey (RH), Finlay Macleod (2C), Jonathan Taylor (3L)

More arts fortnight news to follow……