Info for Parents (KS2 SATS)

Info for Parents         (KS2 SATS)

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Latest Newsletter



We have now subscribed to, an interactive Maths website that will prove to be very useful for teaching maths in our classrooms as well as a solid revision base for our students.

We will be introducing it gradually so that we can iron out any teething problems as we go. Children in Years 5 and 6 will be receiving their login details some time in October or November 2013.

Until then you are welcome to have a look at the site and try out asome of the samples activities.

The website provides ready made lessons which allow us to take a topic from the beginning and take it right through to its conclusion. It has been designed to work well on an Interactive Whiteboard as well as a suite of computers. Its large text, animations and interactivities and random question generators will help us to bring maths alive.

This is an internet resource so our students can use it within school and at home for revision and learning.