Info for Parents (KS2 SATS)

Info for Parents         (KS2 SATS)

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Latest Newsletter


ClubsExtracurricular Clubs

We are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for our children to enjoy and hope that the children participating in the activities find them very rewarding. We are always pleased to consider new ways to enrich the provision here at Bluecoat, so if you have any ideas for new clubs be sure to share them with a member of the admin team.



The Spring Term Booklet effective from January 2017 is now available. Please download it here Clubs Brochure - Spring 2017.pdf

Here are some reviews of some of our clubs.

Running Club

Running Club is a very good place to get fit and healthy. Sometimes it can be a bit tough but it is really fun and you have a chance to make new friends.

We all do a warm up which is usually lunge walks, running around the playground and kick ups.

After we finish our session we have to stretch for a cool down in case we pull our muscles.

I would recommend Running Club to anyone that would like to join.

Keira Patt 

Netball Club

Our netball club is an outdoor sport ideal for getting fit. Netball is hard, but worth it. The rules include having to have two feet on the ground when you are shooting. We wear bibs to show which position we are playing in. When we played a match against another school, it was hard, but great fun.

Maisie Ryan