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  • Children

    The children are at the heart of everything we do here at Bluecoat and as such there is an overwhelming sense that it is their school. As such there is an enormous amount of pride that comes from them and a desire to make the school the best it can be.

    Year on year pupils from across the year groups are keen and excited to put themselves forward for a number of roles and responsibilities that are available to them; roles that allow them to represent their peers and their school.

    More coming soon.

    House Captains
    Torridge (Team Blue) Taw (Team Green) Tavy (Team Red) Tamar (Team Yellow)

    Hayden & Layla

    “I will always have time to listen to what you have to say and reply in the best way.
    Also my actions in that sport will be for the team.” Layla S.

    Toby & Bobbi

    “The reason I wanted to be a House Captain for Taw is because I like listening to people’s ideas and I wanted to cheer people on throughout their learning.” Bobbi M.

     Callum & Amelia

    “The reason I wanted to be House Captain for Tavy is because I’m always around people meaning I can always be around to help. I also will have a lot of responsibility which is something I love to be trusted with.” Amelia B.

    Jacob & Grace

    “I am a good House Captain because I am kind, respectful, generous and exciting!! I will remember to do the points every week. We as a team can win Sports’ Day again! Plus we will get the most green cards and gold cards.” Grace P.


    Pupil Councillors Collective Worship Focus Group
    The Pupil Council is an elected body of pupils whose role is to represent a valued pupil voice regarding key issues that concern the school, aspects of the local community and events further afield.Each year, every class votes for their representative who then attends regular meetings. It is the representative’s responsibility to relay ideas or concerns from their class to the Council, as well as to report back on items discussed during the meetings. This exchange of information provides the opportunity for all students to be involved in the decision making process concerning aspects which affect the life of the school. The elected Councillors for 2017/18 are Violet & Connor (Year 2), Aaron , Freddy & Evie(Year 3), Honey & Thomas (Year 4), Eion & Jemima (Year 5), and Stanley & Lilly-Mai (Year 6). Every year, one child from each class is chosen to be a representative in a Focus Group set up to monitor Collective Worship in the school.These children are also given responsibilities during Collective Worship sessions, such as introducing Collective Worship daily in Chapter 3, lighting the candle and leading the liturgy for the day. In Chapters 1 and 2, the children might set up the hall, light the candle and operate the music.All the children are given the opportunity to participate in our Church services.The group meets with Mrs Flower, the Collective Worship co-ordinator and our link governor, Mrs Terry Insull, once every half term to discuss any matters related to Collective Worship and to offer any ideas they or their class might have.Once a year the group are invited to represent the school at a Special Celebration service organised by the Exeter Diocese for Church schools.
    Arts Ambassadors Eco Ambassadors
    More coming soon. Eco Ambassadors were newly established in September 2017. One pupil was elected from each class to take on the role which will involve half termly meetings. The focus will be on how we can, as a school, care for and improve the local environment in our own school grounds, the local community and contribute nationally and globally too!

    The first mission is to improve the ‘pond area’ which has become very neglected and in need of care and attention, as well as improve the environment to be an area for learning, for example, when studying life processes in science but also as an area for reflection, peace and calm.

    The elected Eco Ambassadors for 2017/18 are Harry (1M), Ted (1HT), George (2M), Alex (2P), Lincoln (2/3S), Megan  (3Y), Calypso (3M), Joe (4HH), Leo (4A), Chloe (4B), Ethan (5MH), Zak (5SH), Amelia (6S) and Finley (6D).

    Peer Mediators Healthy Snacks Team
    Peer Mediators have received specialist training to help children handle conflict and take responsibility for their actions during lunch times.

    Their job involves listening to both sides of the story and not taking sides to help find a solution to the situation.

    Our Peer Mediators are Jonathan (6S), Amelia (6S), Madelene (6S), Lani (6S), Maddison (6D) and Robyn  (6D).







    The Healthy Snack Shop is run by pupil volunteers and is open each morning at break time. Selling fruit, fruit juice and water. The government recommends eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

    The team are Amelia B. (6S), Maddie (6D), Kyle (6D), Jonathan (6S), Lilly-Mai (6D), Robyn (6D), Imiya (6D), Mia (6D), Calypso (3M), Karson (3Y), Evelyn (3Y) and Alfie (3M).

    “The reason I applied to be a member of the Healthy Snacks Team is because I really wanted to help our school by keeping everyone healthy.” Maddie (6D)

    “The Healthy Snack Shop is a wonderful opportunity for children who want to volunteer their time in the mornings to make our school a healthier place.” Amelia (6S)


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