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The Sun Had His Hat on for Sports Day!

On Tuesday 20th June, Bluecoat was a sea of red, blue, yellow and green t-Shirts as pupils prepared to battle it out for their house team to be crowned the champions of the annual Sports Day.  It was a beautifully sunny day and measures had been taken to ensure plenty of shaded areas for children to wait in between events

Instow Bike Ride

On the 8th of June, Year 5 enjoyed a lovely day cycling to Instow from the Puffing Billy in Great Torrington and back again. We worked out we cycled 15 miles in total! We were lucky to have a dry calm day with some sunshine – ideal cycling weather. The group did really well cycling, and with some cycling faster,

KS1 Dance Festival

Here are some photographs to remind you of the great fun that children, staff and parents had during the KS1 Dance Streetz Festival on Wednesday 2nd March. The Festival was organized by the staff and students from GTS and run by our new Governor Amy Avery. Thanks to all parent volunteers who took part and who ensured that our walk


In reception, we have just started our new learning topic ‘up, Up and Away’. Miss Nash’s sister, Beth, is a qualified tennis coach and kindly offered to come in and teach us some tennis skills.

To link with our topic, the children used balloons t begin to understand how to control an object moving in the air. They had to

Mime Workshop

Year 4 enjoyed their Mime Workshop with Kirtsy. They learned lots of techniques about how to use their bodies effectively to communicate a non-verbal message.

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Year 3 Visit to Rosemoor

On Friday 24th April, Year 3 visited Rosemoor. There was a packed itinerary and the children learned about how seeds are formed, pollination and seed dispersal, and they used their geography skills to follow a map and find particular landmarks around the gardens. Stan made a great flower for a demonstration of how pollination works, and John, who

The ‘Festival of Lights’

This half term brought the celebration of Diwali or Divali (also known as Deepavali) and the “festival of lights”. Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year which spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair.

As part of their learning, Reception children enjoyed a presentation of

Fantastic Falconry Facts!

The reception children were excited when Martin from Barnstaple Falconry came to visit bringing with him four birds of prey. Martin shared lots of information and some interesting facts…here are a couple of our favourite – gruesome, but fantastic – facts!

Did you know that owls can see mouse wee on the ground in the dark, and use it like

Staff Put Through Their Paces at PE INSET

As a school we are focusing on developing the children’s physical literacy skills and this week all KS1 and KS2 staff received SAQ training from P.E. Lead, Kari Lowes. SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) is a programme of progressive exercises which should develop children’s basic motor abilities,

The Scarab Beetle Comes to Life!

Class 3C have been studying the story “The Scarab’s Secret” and have had a go at creating freeze frames from the story. Here the children describe their actions:

Maddie – “I’m the scarab beetle

Lower School End of Year Service

Children from the lower school gathered in St Michael’s Church on Tuesday 22 July for the end of year service. Each of the children in Year Two received a bible as a memento of their time in Key Stage One and some of the children shared their memories of Year 2 with their peers, friends and families. Many thanks to

Minibeasts at Rosemoor for Reception

​RH​ had a wonderful time taking part in a minibeast workshop at Rosemoor gardens.

We searched for minibeasts in the wood and had fun trying to identify them. We learnt so much and have now come back to school very excited to find out more facts

Mayfair in the Nursery

We learnt about Mayfair and decided to make our own maypole.

We danced around it, then enacted the crowning ceremony.

Printing collagraphs onto fabric

On Friday 28th February, Year 2 had a visit from DAISI artist Suzanne Ross from Double Elephant. Suzanne led two workshops, one for each class, about collagraphs.

The children learnt to make and print collagraphs onto fabric based on our

Year 3 Paignton trip – day four

After a lovely breakfast again, we all sang Happy Birthday to Emily who was celebrating her 8th birthday. We then left our hotel to head to Woodlands.

Thankfully the rain had all gone and the sky was looking quite blue. We first split into

It never rains but it pours…

Thursday morning’s rain included a huge downpour shortly before lunchtime. The volume of water proved too much for the guttering and water overflowed into the Intervention Room (what used to be the library). Some of the carpet was seriously wet but quick thinking by our support staff prevented