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Mathletics Champions Treated to High Tea

Just before the summer break, we launched a competition to run over the summer holidays. The Mathletics Summer Challenge does just that – it challenges pupils to get the highest score on Mathletics.

Very well done to Benjamin, Aidan, Ophelia, William, Daisy and Elizabeth for achieving the highest scores! As a reward, they were invited to afternoon tea at RHS

NASA’s Ticket to the Sun

Parker Solar Probe: Humanity’s First Visit to a Star

NASA has provided Bluecoat C of E Primary School with a ticket to the sun!

The Parker Solar Probe will swoop to within 4 million miles of the sun’s surface, facing heat and radiation like no spacecraft before it. Launching in 2018, Parker Solar Probe will provide new data on solar

Rocket Kids with STEAM Co.

As part of the Year 5 Enrichment Week activities, on Monday 5th March the children were visited by Nick Corston of STEAM Co., official partner of National Careers Week and supporter of British Science Week.

The visit was part of their #INSPIRANATION UK Tour, where they are taking their half day #ROCKETKIDS session to schools between Land’s End and John O’Groats for

To Infinity and Beyond…

In R1D, the children were all very enthusiastic about their “To Infinity and Beyond” topic. They used a balloon to launch a straw rocket, causing great excitement!

Harry I: “It went across the string because it had some air in and when you let go it blows the air out and makes the balloon go faster.”

Bexleigh: “The air went

An Icy Escape for the Dinosaurs!

Last week in nursery they learnt about dinosaurs.

The children discovered dinosaurs frozen in ice and had to investigate ways to help them escape.  After the chilly rescue, the children made a gloopy swamp for the dinosaurs to play in.

As part of the adventure, children read exciting books and learnt the names of dinosaurs before learning some dinosaur songs

Fantastic Reading Achievements in Year 6

Kit (class 6M, pictured left) and Sophie (class 6F, pictured right) have dedicated the last few weeks to achieving the brilliant result of reading and reviewing 100 books in the lunchtime Reading Club ‘Quest’! They were absolutely determined, despite several disruptions to daily attendance including a week at transition camp, to achieve 100 books before their year 6 was complete.

Hugo the Hedgehog Helps Class RH Learn!

In class RH they have been thinking about the seasons changing. They have been finding out about how this affects the animals and as part of this learning Miss Dixon brought in her pet ‘Apricot African Pygmy Hedgehog’ called Hugo. We were surprised by its pale (apricot) prickles and learnt some new words; ‘nocturnal’, ‘hibernation’ and ‘quills’.

Malakai wanted to

Torrington Inter-School Spelling Bee Creates a Real Buzz!

On Wednesday 24th June, Bluecoat C of E Primary School hosted an inter-school Spelling Bee competition across the Torrington Learning Community. Participating primary schools included Bluecoat, Shebbear, The Clinton School, Monkleigh and The Flying Start Federation, and pupils from years 3/4 and 5/6 made up teams of three. Apart from demonstrating excellent knowledge of spelling, the children were attentive, determined

Cornwall Enrichment Week

What a wonderful week! On 14th April 2015, 30 Year 4 pupils ventured into Cornwall for their enrichment week. Based on Perranporth beach, the pupils visited local attractions as well as enjoying time on the beach or in the hotel pool each day. Everywhere we went we received compliments for their outstanding behaviour, good manners and their smart appearance. They

An Out of This World Visit to the Planetarium

On Tuesday 13th January all of year five and six went to see the amazing planetarium. First we crawled through a tunnel to the giant dome in groups of five or six. Once inside Mr Barber (the person in charge) started explaining the rotation of the planet. He also explained about full, and half-moons. Yet there was more to come!

Science Week Inspires Investigations in Reception

Children in Reception have been blossoming into budding scientists during a week of science investigations. Each investigation started with a challenge to overcome or was inspired by a book and children used their senses, explored various forces, looked at colours and so much more! Here is just a brief overview of what the children enjoyed:

Challenge: Can you get the

It’s All Going On @Bristol!

On Tuesday 13th January, pupils from Year two had the opportunity to visit @Bristol, one of the UK’s most exciting interactive science centres. With hundreds of hands-on exhibits at their fingertips and the Planetarium to explore, they all had a wonderful time. Highlights included the parachute machines, the water machine and they particularly enjoyed creating animations and the

A Wonderful Time at Rosemoor

This half term Nursery children visited RHS Garden Rosemoor. They did a workshop about the senses which involved looking at all the different colours in the garden, making smelly cocktails, listening for sounds, and tasting fruits and vegetables. They then followed the woodland trail where they saw lots of interesting things including the giant spider sculpture and web and the

Fantastic Falconry Facts!

The reception children were excited when Martin from Barnstaple Falconry came to visit bringing with him four birds of prey. Martin shared lots of information and some interesting facts…here are a couple of our favourite – gruesome, but fantastic – facts!

Did you know that owls can see mouse wee on the ground in the dark, and use it like

Year 3 Pay a Visit to Exmoor Zoo

One of the highlights of last half term for Year 3 was their visit to Exmoor Zoo. It was a fun day out coupled with a valuable learning experience…

Did you know a cheetah can go as fast as

Using Numbers in the Navy

In class RH, William’s Mum kindly came to talk to us about how she and her husband use numbers in the Navy. She brought in lots of things for us to explore such as a compass, a map, a sextant (used for

Bridging the Gap in Home/School Learning (Maths)

Parents and Carers of Reception children were offered two opportunities to come along to a workshop to discuss ideas and skills that would help support childrens’ learning at home, benefiting their mathematical development. Some of the

The Earth Represented by…a Scotch Egg!

On Monday 6th October, children in year 3 used a scotch egg to represent the layers of the Earth. They carried out their own research to learn about the different layers and this was their findings:

Ryan – “The inner core might be rock but it might be liquid – scientists aren’t sure.”

Mathematical Marvels!

Congratulations to Joshua Clifton, Callum Pett, Ben Thompson-Trott, Oliver Sussex, Harry Bryant, Jonne Dean, Evie Grills, Katie Dayment and Oban Reed- Bailey (not pictured). All children in Years 1-4 who consistently completed their Maths home learning books every week were entered into a prize draw. A name was drawn from each class and these were the lucky winners.

Music and science in Reception

As part of science week Class RM experimented with sound and music. We enjoyed trying out lots of different instruments. We found out how the sound was made and how we could change it.

Felix enjoyed