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‘How to be an Archaeologist’ Dig

More than 400 years of history unearthed in archaeological dig

A selection of pupils from years 4 and 5 took part in an exciting archaeological dig within the school grounds as part of a History curriculum enrichment initiative, kindly supported by Emily Wapshott, a professional archaeologist, who lives in Great Torrington.

Emily introduced the children to techniques involved in a

Year 1 Visit to Tiverton Castle

This term in Year 1, the children have been learning about Castles and life in the past. They have investigated the history of England in 1066 and explored the Battle of Hastings. Learning has focused on what life looked like in the Medieval times, especially life in the castles. The children were very lucky to bring the learning to life during

Germany Residential Exchange Visit 2019

On 11th March 2019, a group of 26 year 5 pupils and 5 adults embarked on the 4th annual Residential Exchange Visit to Germany.  The group flew from Bristol to Berlin (for some it was their first time on an aeroplane!) and then they travelled by train to Potsdam. They stayed in a youth hostel in the suburb called Babelsberg which

German Gingerbread

Around Christmastime, the Year 5 children researched about the culture and traditions of a German Christmas and made Google slides of their findings about food, Christmas trees, Christmas Eve, stockings and much more! As part of this, the children also made traditional gingerbread that they took home and enjoyed eating. They discussed the German ‘lebkuchen’ spiced biscuits and the different

Thor’s Day Thursday!

At the end of their History topic ‘Anglo Saxons and Vikings’ in Autumn term, Year 5 re-enacted their own version of Thor’s Day Thursday. This came from their novel in English ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell in which a group of young Viking boys had to undergo an initiation ceremony to become full members of the Viking

Och aye the noo! St Andrew’s Day Celebrations at Bluecoat

Thursday 30th November was St. Andrew’s Day…and what a day it was!

For the whole day, as part of our British Values Learning, the school from reception to year 6 was steeped in finding out about the beauty, people and culture of Scotland. From porridge to Irn Bru, castles to islands, regions to main cities, bens to lochs, bagpipes to sword

Rolle Canal Gig

On Wednesday 15th November, 33 children from Year 2 took part in a community performance at RHS Garden Rosemoor. The performance told the story of the Rolle Canal through drama and song, and was the culmination of weeks of rehearsals and preparation by the participating schools: Great Torrington School, Great Torrington Bluecoat C of E Primary School, Monkleigh Primary School,

Year 4 Step Back in Time

On Wednesday 27th September, pupils in year 4 dressed up as Stone Age people and spent the day building shelters, gathering food, creating artefacts and making paints from locally found soil and rocks. They were really lucky to learn about the art of making paint from local artist Peter Ward and then used these paints to create their own ‘cave

Year 4 River Walk

This term, year 4 have been learning about rivers. To start the topic off they visited a local stream, which runs into the River Torridge, to carry out a study. Once down at the stream the pupils carried out three tasks; a river walk to look at how different features of the stream had been formed, they measured the width

Year 4 Step Back in Time…

On Thursday 8th September the year 4 pupils took a step back in time and enjoyed a Stone Age themed day. During the day they took part in various Stone Aged related activities including shelter building, fire and food and cave art.

Great fun was had by all and lots of pupils made the extra effort of coming to school

Year 3 Become Rainforest Rangers

Back on 5th May, Year 3 visited the Eden Project and became ‘Rainforest Rangers’. As rangers, the children learnt about how the plants in the Amazon rainforest can provide food, water, shelter and cooking equipment. Some children were asked to dress up in the types of clothing that Rainforest Rangers would wear – they weren’t too keen on the idea

Tristan da Cunha

A big thank you to William’s Dad who came to speak to us about a project he was part of with the Navy in getting much needed supplies to the most remote inhabited island in the world – Tristan da Cunha. He spoke with us about the challenges of getting large equipment there, the great teamwork that was needed, the

Bristol Bound: SS Great Britain

On Tuesday 27th January, Year 3 visited the SS Great Britain in Bristol. They took part in a Brunel workshop, learning about how parts of the ship were designed and built, and had a go at joining plates of metal together with rivets – it’s harder than it looks!

They also talked about what it might

Ancient Egyptian Celebration

On Friday 12th December, Year 3 had an Ancient Egyptian day to celebrate their learning for this term. The children participated in a range of activities during the day, including Egyptian dancing, creating head dresses, applying Egyptian style make up, constructing something to show what they had learned about Ancient Egypt, mummifying each other and playing games to do with

The 11th Hour, On the 11th Day, Of the 11th Month

Lest We Forget

The 11th November is a day for remembering, and the whole of Bluecoat C of E Primary School did just that as we held our annual Remembrance Service to pay our respects in this Centenary year to those that

Year 5 Step Back in Time

As part of their topic work, Year 5 visited Escot Park to experience the Saxon and Viking settlement and activities there. They had a fantastic time and had a lot of learning opportunities that gave them first hand experiences of what life might have been like back

Year Four Go Back In Time…

As part of the Year 4 topic ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’, we were delighted to be visited by two local archaeologists. They explained to us how we are able to discover things from the past like how artefacts and bones can be used

Remembering WWI in Song

By Isabel Pollit and Lauren Peters, 6D

On Tuesday the 16th of September, Year 6 went up to the senior school to rehearse some World War 1 songs for a performance at the Plough in November. The songs we rehearsed were Rule Britannia, Keep The Home Fires Burning, the National Anthem, Pack Up Your Troubles, It’s A Long Way To

Private Peaceful…”a very touching performance”

By Molly Macleod, 6F

On Wednesday the 17th of September, Year 6 pupils went to the Queens Theatre, Barnstaple to watch “Private Peaceful”, a play based on the book by Michael Morpurgo. Much to everyone’s surprise the play was actually a monologue, played by only one man for every single character! Although unexpected, and a slightly unusual interpretation, the actor

Ancient Egyptian Day?…Mum’s the word!

On 16th September, Year 3 were visited by a member of Exeter Museum for an Ancient Egyptian Experience Day. They learned about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, and acted out their own exploration, as well as having a look inside a model tomb.