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Year One Play Maths

During the first half of the spring term, parents and carers of Year 1 pupils were invited to come and watch their child take part in a maths session, and to play some number games together. These were so enjoyed by the children, learning alongside their parents and carers at school. The session demonstrated the types of activities we use

A Foody Self-Portrait in 2P

Children in class 2P have been inspired by Jason Mecier, a San Francisco-based artist renowned for creating celebrity portraits using everything from bits of discarded jewellery to empty deodorant cans and bubble-gum wrappers. The children have created their own self-portraits using dried foods and scrap materials. 

Can you guess who these children are? 

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“Dance, Dance, Dance….I Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

The Spring has sprung and the dancing season is well and truly upon us!

On the 9th March children from year one, two and three donned their dancing shoes and headed up to GTS with a spring in their step to take part in a Streetz Dance Festival. The Festival was organised by the staff and students from GTS and run by our Sports Governor and owner

“Get me to the Church on Time!…”

“Ding dong the bells are gonna chime…”

Wedding celebrations were underway in year one as children from class 1M celebrated the ‘marriage’ of Poppy and Robin on 3rd March 2017! Freddie was a marvellous vicar, leading the ceremony. The children spent over three weeks organising the wedding; they helped to make the flowers, write the vows and prayers and everyone

Paper Tower Challenge in Class 1T

As part of their ‘Build, construct, create’ theme, class 1T were set the task to create a tall, strong and stable tower made out of newspaper and masking tape only. Their challenge was to use their learning powers to show stickability when the going was tough, work well on their own or with a partner to listen and share ideas, use

Toy Service

The afternoon of Tuesday 24th January saw the Bluecoat Hall filled with parents, carers, children….and toys! It was, of course, the annual Toy Service led by The Collective Worship Focus Group with readings, prayers and a wonderful display of gifts. Once again, the children’s singing lifted everyone’s spirits.

Mags Zaharia who received the gifts on behalf of Little John’s House told the

A Look Back at Christingle

With January well underway, Christmas feels like a distant memory so we thought we would share these charming photos of the Christingle service.

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A Positive Touch for Anti Bullying Week

Monday 14th November saw the start of Anti-Bullying week, a national initiative which shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year. Throughout the week activities took place raising awareness of the subject which culminated in a whole school event where children participated in peer massage class spirals based

We Will Remember Them…

Deputy Head Ian Thomas lead a Service of Remembrance on Friday 11th November which was was attended by pupils and staff from years 2 – 6. Children from years 2 and 3 presented poppy wreaths that they had made in class. The hall filled with music and song as everyone sang ‘We will remember’ and at 11 o’clock the 2

Families Gather for Harvest Breakfast

Year 1 have been focusing on the harvest of the ocean.

They visited the church in town for a Harvest Experience, which looked at harvest of the land and sea. Back in school, they cooked sea creature shaped biscuits, oyster cupcakes and jelly(fish!), and learned some harvest songs. They wrote invitations to their families and held a harvest breakfast.



In 1C we have been learning about parts of plants. We discovered that there are some plants where the root, stem, leaf or flower can be eaten! We played a game that encouraged us to try different plant parts and most of us were brave enough to try carrots, celery, cauliflower and lettuce. What a healthy bunch we are!

Hot Air Balloons

As part of our learning about Life and Pattern in the summer skies, 1C have been designing and making hot air balloons. We used paper mache and mod roc to create our balloons and baskets, and decorated them with paint and ribbon.

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Wedding Bells

Bride: Lauren Cann Groom: Ewan Johns Best Man: Zachary Smith Bridesmaids: Lottie Waghorn, Coralie Peacham, Evelyn Hodge, Lily Beer Flower Girl: Evie Hill Page Boys: Charlie Vaggers, Arlo Foster-Weir Ushers: Lincoln Bott, Molly Baker-Churchill, Khorey Horsman, Macjei Grabusinski Photographers: Buster Steerment, Lucas Fletcher-Buchanan Mother of the Bride: Bella Thorne Father of the Bride: Ebon Seldon-Green Vicar: Ameer Sattar Registrar: Allannah

Celebration Assembly

Year One Celebration Assembly

Parents were transported to the African savannah on Friday 11th March, as Year 1 produced an all-singing all-dancing extravaganza to celebrate their learning about South Africa. Everybody dressed up as their favourite African animal, and the children treated spectators to a rendition of the Animal Boogie, demonstrated traditional Gumboot dancing, and shared some of the fascinating

KS1 Dance Festival

Here are some photographs to remind you of the great fun that children, staff and parents had during the KS1 Dance Streetz Festival on Wednesday 2nd March. The Festival was organized by the staff and students from GTS and run by our new Governor Amy Avery. Thanks to all parent volunteers who took part and who ensured that our walk

Creative Arts Week

Class 2B being very creative during Arts Week.

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In our ICT lessons we are learning to take photographs and edit them. We had great fun making the staff look far more glamorous than they do on a normal basis – especially the dreadlocks on Mr. Bennett.

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Poetry Block

We have just started learning song lyrics for our poetry block. We listened to Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles and we responded to it with actions and dance and freeze framed ourselves to remember the words.

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Charlie & Charlene Bear

As part of our Science topic which is Everyday materials and our 1960’s topic, we have been making clothes for Charlie and Charlene bear. Charlene now has a beautiful new dress and hat, bracelet and brooch and Charlie has a pair of shorts and a new t-shirt with a pocket on the front. We joined the materials by cutting out

Science Show

On Wednesday 27th January, Peter Wright from Wonderstuck visited the children in 1C and 1DT and performed a science show all about sound.

We learned how sound travels looked at the different patterns made by sound and watched a wine glass get smashed by sound waves! The demonstrations and experiments Peter showed us really got us thinking about the vibrations