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An Out of This World Visit to the Planetarium

On Tuesday 13th January all of year five and six went to see the amazing planetarium. First we crawled through a tunnel to the giant dome in groups of five or six. Once inside Mr Barber (the person in charge) started explaining the rotation of the planet. He also explained about full, and half-moons. Yet there was more to come!

On a Quest to Read

On a Monday to Thursday lunch time, you will normally find the KS2 Library buzzing with pupils involved in the Quest reading club. The Quest is an initiative whereby pupils earn Quest Stickers on their bookmark for each book they read. When they reach 10 Quest Stickers they are rewarded with a book token which can be exchanged for a

Steven Shield Cross Country Championship

On Wednesday 22nd November, almost 40 pupils from Bluecoat C of E Primary School, took part in the Steven Shield Cross Country Championship.

The runners from Years 3 – 6 demonstrated determination and team spirit as they

“Thank You God For the Harvest”

On 21st October, we held our Harvest service for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in the lower school hall.

The children’s Harvest gifts made a very colourful display. KS1 classes presented their class gift at the beginning of the

The BBC…but not as you know it!

The BBC has been given a whole new meaning through the formation of the Bluecoat Bike Club (and you thought we were talking TV!)

Established in September 2014, the BBC has 20 members across Years 5 & 6. Meeting every Tuesday from 3:20pm

Year 5 Step Back in Time

As part of their topic work, Year 5 visited Escot Park to experience the Saxon and Viking settlement and activities there. They had a fantastic time and had a lot of learning opportunities that gave them first hand experiences of what life might have been like back

The Quest for Reading…

We are delighted that the ‘Quest’ reading club will resume again next week (w/c Monday 29th September) for all year 5 and year 6 pupils. The ‘Quest’ provides pupils with the opportunity to visit the KS2 library every lunchtime except Friday and borrow books. After reviewing 10 books with Tina, our school librarian, pupils will be rewarded with a book


After a warm and sunny day on Tuesday (22nd July), things warmed up further as children and staff headed to their very own ‘Boogie Wonderland’ to dance the early evening away in spectacular style! There were three discos for the appropriate age groups – Nursery/Reception, Year 1/2 and Upper School. Everyone was certainly ‘in the mood for dancing’ as there

Audiences Delighted By Jungle Book Production

Children put a new spin on Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’ with their pantomime rendition which took place Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Key roles were auditioned for in February and since then the

International Silver Medallist Visits Bluecoat C of E Primary School

Gymnast Steve Jehu put pupils through their paces when he visited the school this month. He led a whole school assembly where he demonstrated his skills and spoke to the children about motivation and the importance of perseverance and commitment. Steve

Sports Fever Takes Hold at Bluecoat!

On Tuesday 8th July, Bluecoat C of E Primary School dedicated the whole day to their annual Sports Day. The weather was fair and even a few drops of rain couldn’t stop play. The school was filled with a competitive vibe

Year 5 Austrian Visit

We received letters from the Austrian children around February, and that was the first we heard of them. We wrote back to them, telling them about our hobbies, favourite foods, colour, friends, family etc. We did not realise how much

Having a great time in Bude

Having a great time in Bude.

Cross Country Competition success…

Marvellous effort by all runners and staff.

We came away with the Year 6 boys overall 3rd place which is a massive achievement.

There were 1060 runners who finished from 36 schools. Fratton Tetley came 11th out of 127 runners. Oliver Hedden came 26th out of 139. Olivia Seward 13th out of 105. Adam Lawton 17th out of 126 runners.

They are legend…or is it a myth?

Thu 06 March saw a whole bunch of Myth and Legend characters coming into Bluecoat Primary School. The children celebrated our involvement in a local ‘Myths and Legends’ project from The Plough Arts Centre, by dressing up as famous characters from

Shoe Box Appeal

Suzanne Hinds, of Grosvenor Church, Barnstaple, came along to our Collective Worship sessions on Wednesday 9th October to encourage the children to think of others by collecting items for this year’s shoebox appeal.

Suzanne is a local rep for the Samaritan’s Purse charity who organises the yearly appeal. She

Remembrance 2013

As a mark of respect for those who had died in various wars, the whole school gathered for a service of remembrance on 11th November. It was a privilege to welcome 1st Officer James Wingrove and 2nd Officer Deborah Wingrove of the

Harvest Festival 2013

Reception, KS1 and some representatives from KS2 joined together for our annual Harvest Service. A beautiful display of the children’s food gifts provided a very colourful focus and children from every class were involved in the programme. Father Lawrence spoke and led prayers of thanks.

Children in Need: Collective Worship

Mrs Drew spoke at KS1 and KS2 Collective Worship times in both school halls on Wednesday 13th November. She was encouraging the children to remember other children as we approached Children in Need. She had given a picture of a chocolate bar to several KS1 children to symbolise