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Table Decorations

Class 4B have been making table decorations for the OAB dinner which took place on Wednesday 9th December.

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Britain in the Bronze Age and Iron Age

This half term Y4 have been looking at how life changed in Britain in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. They wrote newspaper articles about the Bronze Age settlement visited on Dartmoor then studied life in an Iron Age hill fort. Replicas of Bronze Age pots were made from clay using techniques used by ancient potters. Look out around school

Trip to Dartmoor

Year 4 took a trip to Dartmoor on Thursday 9th October. We went to Merrivale in search of Bronze Age remains and artefacts. During a guided walk on the moors we discovered the remains of a Bronze Age settlement. We learnt about how the houses were built and who lived in them. We also saw and learnt about Bronze Age

Stone Age Day

Year 4 had great fun learning about life in the Stone Age.

We made our own shelters from poles and tarpaulins, foraged for materials to create our own paint for cave art and learnt the importance of fire lighting for warmth, protection, light and cooking. Some children had even gone to the trouble of creating their own Stone Age costumes

Torrington Inter-School Spelling Bee Creates a Real Buzz!

On Wednesday 24th June, Bluecoat C of E Primary School hosted an inter-school Spelling Bee competition across the Torrington Learning Community. Participating primary schools included Bluecoat, Shebbear, The Clinton School, Monkleigh and The Flying Start Federation, and pupils from years 3/4 and 5/6 made up teams of three. Apart from demonstrating excellent knowledge of spelling, the children were attentive, determined

Crick, Crick, Cricket; Don’t Throw Your Wicket!

On Wednesday 13th June 2015, our year 3 and 4 pupils headed up to GTS to attend a cricket festival run by their Sports Leaders. It was a beautiful afternoon and the children’s motivation was high. They were able to try out various fun games with the year 10 and 11 year students, whilst being led by a Coach from

The Sun Had His Hat on for Sports Day!

The weather was kind to all at Bluecoat C of E Primary as children eagerly and enthusiastically took part in the annual Sports Day event. There seemed to be an increased level of competition this year with more points up for grabs for the House Teams.

There were a whole host of events including javelin, hurdles, sprinting, shot put, handball

Cornwall Enrichment Week

What a wonderful week! On 14th April 2015, 30 Year 4 pupils ventured into Cornwall for their enrichment week. Based on Perranporth beach, the pupils visited local attractions as well as enjoying time on the beach or in the hotel pool each day. Everywhere we went we received compliments for their outstanding behaviour, good manners and their smart appearance. They

The Rolling Stone…Age!

As part of their Stone Age topic pupils in year 4 have been creating, performing and writing their own music. With the help of modern technology, they have recorded their instruments and voices, then inserted the recordings into a computer program which allows layering of different sounds.

Every child has had the opportunity to play an instrument and hear themselves

On a Quest to Read

On a Monday to Thursday lunch time, you will normally find the KS2 Library buzzing with pupils involved in the Quest reading club. The Quest is an initiative whereby pupils earn Quest Stickers on their bookmark for each book they read. When they reach 10 Quest Stickers they are rewarded with a book token which can be exchanged for a

Steven Shield Cross Country Championship

On Wednesday 22nd November, almost 40 pupils from Bluecoat C of E Primary School, took part in the Steven Shield Cross Country Championship.

The runners from Years 3 – 6 demonstrated determination and team spirit as they

“Thank You God For the Harvest”

On 21st October, we held our Harvest service for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in the lower school hall.

The children’s Harvest gifts made a very colourful display. KS1 classes presented their class gift at the beginning of the

AGT Multi-Skills Club Gets Off To a Super Start

The Multi-Skills Club for the Able, Gifted and Talented has been running since September. It takes place on a Tuesday evening and is under the leadership of Miss Lowes and Deb Tetley. The club is aimed at Year 3 and 4 pupils who have been selected

Year Four Go Back In Time…

As part of the Year 4 topic ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’, we were delighted to be visited by two local archaeologists. They explained to us how we are able to discover things from the past like how artefacts and bones can be used

Mathematical Marvels!

Congratulations to Joshua Clifton, Callum Pett, Ben Thompson-Trott, Oliver Sussex, Harry Bryant, Jonne Dean, Evie Grills, Katie Dayment and Oban Reed- Bailey (not pictured). All children in Years 1-4 who consistently completed their Maths home learning books every week were entered into a prize draw. A name was drawn from each class and these were the lucky winners.


After a warm and sunny day on Tuesday (22nd July), things warmed up further as children and staff headed to their very own ‘Boogie Wonderland’ to dance the early evening away in spectacular style! There were three discos for the appropriate age groups – Nursery/Reception, Year 1/2 and Upper School. Everyone was certainly ‘in the mood for dancing’ as there

International Silver Medallist Visits Bluecoat C of E Primary School

Gymnast Steve Jehu put pupils through their paces when he visited the school this month. He led a whole school assembly where he demonstrated his skills and spoke to the children about motivation and the importance of perseverance and commitment. Steve

Sports Fever Takes Hold at Bluecoat!

On Tuesday 8th July, Bluecoat C of E Primary School dedicated the whole day to their annual Sports Day. The weather was fair and even a few drops of rain couldn’t stop play. The school was filled with a competitive vibe

Class 4L dance workshop

4L took part in a dance workshop this afternoon linked to their topic ‘Journey to the Sea’.

Thanks to Naraleigh Franklin who led the session.

We looked at various sea animals and performed dance moves in small groups, re-enacting

Cross Country Competition success…

Marvellous effort by all runners and staff.

We came away with the Year 6 boys overall 3rd place which is a massive achievement.

There were 1060 runners who finished from 36 schools. Fratton Tetley came 11th out of 127 runners. Oliver Hedden came 26th out of 139. Olivia Seward 13th out of 105. Adam Lawton 17th out of 126 runners.