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‘High Five’ For The Bluecoat Netball Team

After a previous postponement due to bad weather, the Bluecoat Netball team finally got their friendly ‘Away’ High 5 Netball match against Monkleigh Primary on    Monday 3rd  July. With amazing views from Monkleigh’s netball court, Paige won the toss and decided which end they shot from in the first quarter, so Monkleigh took the first centre pass. In the first

The Sun Had His Hat on for Sports Day!

On Tuesday 20th June, Bluecoat was a sea of red, blue, yellow and green t-Shirts as pupils prepared to battle it out for their house team to be crowned the champions of the annual Sports Day.  It was a beautifully sunny day and measures had been taken to ensure plenty of shaded areas for children to wait in between events

Year 4 River Walk

This term, year 4 have been learning about rivers. To start the topic off they visited a local stream, which runs into the River Torridge, to carry out a study. Once down at the stream the pupils carried out three tasks; a river walk to look at how different features of the stream had been formed, they measured the width

Outdoor Learning: Forest School

Year Four

Year Four enjoyed the team building challenges during their Forest School sessions this term. Here they are playing the ‘Cross the Swamp Challenge’. The first group to get their whole team across the swamp, without touching the ground, was the winner.

[Show slideshow] They also made ‘fat balls’ to feed the birds and hung them around the Forest

Clay Day

On 21st September Y4 had a clay day. As part of their history topic they found out about jewellery and weapons used by Bronze Age people which had been discovered by archaeologists. After looking carefully at a number of Bronze Age artefacts, they made their own designs to be created out of clay. After the clay has been fired they

Year 4 Step Back in Time…

On Thursday 8th September the year 4 pupils took a step back in time and enjoyed a Stone Age themed day. During the day they took part in various Stone Aged related activities including shelter building, fire and food and cave art.

Great fun was had by all and lots of pupils made the extra effort of coming to school

Enterprising Youngsters get a Helping Hand

Y4 pupils, at Torrington Bluecoat C of E Primary, were visited by local business entrepreneur Rich Cumes, to give them advice on their Sports Day enterprise.

Rich of Jersey Pocket, a Barnstaple based business that produce healthy energy bars, came to talk to the pupils about product design and making their own energy bars. The enterprising youngsters took on the

Potato Competition

2016 has been another successful year for growing potatoes in Y4. The competition, which is organised by Torrington in Bloom, was won by Kyle Baker. Everyone enjoyed eating their potatoes.

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River Trip

Year 4 have been learning about river systems. They have learnt about the different features found along the river’s journey from the source to the mouth.

This journey can be split into three sections; youth, maturity and old age.

During the youthful stage, the river is fast flowing and has lots of energy to erode the channel and create features

Austrian Visit

On Monday 6th June we welcomed our Austrian pen pals to Bluecoat. We have been writing to them in Vienna throughout the year and were very excited to finally meet them. We took them for a tour of Torrington in the afternoon.

On Tuesday 7th June we met them in Westward Ho! for a day of fun on the beach.

Dental Nurse Visit

Gemma the dental nurse visited Y4 to teach them about the importance of brushing their teeth properly. The children had to think about which foods were the most harmful to their teeth.

As a result of this, they have been carrying out an investigation to find out which drinks cause the most damage to their teeth.

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World Book Day

4B dressed up as pirates, there was painting, sea shanties, fact finding and acting taking place around our theme of pirate ships and tropic islands.

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Roman Trip

On 2nd March Y4 went to the Roman museum in Caerloen, South Wales, as part of their topic about Roman Britain. They thoroughly enjoyed trying on Roman armour and learning about the life of a soldier. During the day, they visited the barrack room, where the soldiers slept and ate, the amphitheate where they trained and went to watch gladiatorial

Mime Workshop

Year 4 enjoyed their Mime Workshop with Kirtsy. They learned lots of techniques about how to use their bodies effectively to communicate a non-verbal message.

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Forest School Club

Year 3 and 4 Forest School Club enjoyed whittling lengths of willow, grinding and mixing their own paints using different coloured clays and charcoal. They created fantastic patterns in nature inspired flags.

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Roman Day

On Wednesday V1 January MMXVI the pupils in Year 4 took part in a Roman day to start off their new topic. Most pupils dressed up as Romans and had great fun making Roman shields and learning about life as a Roman soldier. After constructing their shields, they learnt about the tortoise formation that was used by the soldiers in

Table Decorations

Class 4B have been making table decorations for the OAB dinner which took place on Wednesday 9th December.

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Britain in the Bronze Age and Iron Age

This half term Y4 have been looking at how life changed in Britain in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. They wrote newspaper articles about the Bronze Age settlement visited on Dartmoor then studied life in an Iron Age hill fort. Replicas of Bronze Age pots were made from clay using techniques used by ancient potters. Look out around school

Trip to Dartmoor

Year 4 took a trip to Dartmoor on Thursday 9th October. We went to Merrivale in search of Bronze Age remains and artefacts. During a guided walk on the moors we discovered the remains of a Bronze Age settlement. We learnt about how the houses were built and who lived in them. We also saw and learnt about Bronze Age

Stone Age Day

Year 4 had great fun learning about life in the Stone Age.

We made our own shelters from poles and tarpaulins, foraged for materials to create our own paint for cave art and learnt the importance of fire lighting for warmth, protection, light and cooking. Some children had even gone to the trouble of creating their own Stone Age costumes