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Lollipop Man

The reception children enjoyed a visit from Charlie the lollipop man, who explained about his job and how to keep safe near roads. We then practiced helping people cross the road and used the bikes as pretend cars to stop at the crossing. Ask us about our green cross code, we are experts now. A big thank you to Charlie,

‘Mole’ Project

Arabella and family came to present a ‘mole’ project they had been working on together to class RH. A great collage with so many details which Arabella explained to the class beautifully with lots of added minibeast facts to link with our learning this half term. They then sang us a song about a mole and finished with a funny

Ugly Bug Ball

In Reception, we have had a busy week preparing for the Ugly Bug Ball! There was lots to do; making the food, writing menus, designing placemats and plates, making decorations and writing invitations!

In the morning, every different minibeast that we had been learning about this term arrived at the classroom doors, and we paraded around the hall for all

“Fee, fi, fo fum…”

There was lots of planting to be done! In reception, we have been learning all about giants and growing. After reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, children in RN planted their own beans to see if we could grow into a beanstalk! We talked about what the beans needed to grow, how we would plant them, and how

Up, Up and Away

The children in RH have been thinking about going ‘up, up and away’. As part of this they have created a space station and luna module in the classroom to role play being an astronaut just like Tim Peak. We even have some (pretend) space food, yummy!

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We built our own space rockets and then used

Dance Workshop

During Arts Week, reception children took part in a dance workshop with Miss Nash where they learned some different dance styles. These included tap and ballet. We first learned some tap steps, which helped us to warm up our bodies and develop our coordination. We then learned a short ballet dance, where the children pretended to be toys who came

Chinese New Year

In Reception, we have been learning about Chinese New Year. As part of our learning, we have been finding out facts about China. We were lucky enough for Ollie’s dad to come in and talk to us about his adventure when he visited China. He bought in lots of photos, and told us all about the Great Wall of China.

Trip to the Church

The Reception children, staff and many parents has a wonderful visit to St. Michael’s Church where they had chance to get to know the new vicar Father Peter Bevan better as he talked to them about the church, his role and the robes and various objects which are used and a vital part of worship there. The children explored the

Chinese New Year

RH have been finding out about different ways to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the monkey, but every year dragon and lion dancing are important. We have had a go ourselves at making Chinese music and doing our own dragon dances. We have made Chinese lanterns, opened a restaurant in our role play area, practiced

Sing a song of Christmas

Here are some photos to remind you of the wonderful Christmas performance by the Reception children of ‘Sing a song of Christmas’. Merry Christmas to you all and thank you again for your support with costumes and learning songs and rhymes.

Access to the video of the show will follow in the New Year along with a letter to explain

Silent Night & Do-Re-Mi

‘A’ and her Dad gave RH a brilliant Christmas performance of Silent Night and Do-Re-Mi. She sang every word so clearly and confidently. We all thought it was brilliant. Thank you for this fantastic entertainment!

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With the Christmas post rush upon us, RH have been thinking about how letters and parcels are sent and also the joy it brings to receive something in the post. To remind our families about our Christmas show, we wrote our own letters to them and franked them in the school office. The ladies showed us how to work the


RH have been finding out about Hedgehogs as they go into hibernation for the winter. We read stories and created our own hedgehog maths game, adding and subtracting the spines. We also created clay pinch hedgehogs and had our own ideas about using a variety of other materials such as pasta and matchsticks. We cut sticks of various widths and

Firework Pictures

RH have really enjoyed finding out about fireworks and having a go at making our own pictures. We made silhouettes of the Houses of Parliament with fireworks exploding overhead, moving firework pictures with levers and split pins and exploded food dye in balloons like fireworks on to paper. We found out that fireworks are not only used on Bonfire night,

Children in Need Day

Class RH really enjoyed dressing up for Children in Need day. We had a real range of ‘people who help and inspire us’ from nurses, doctors, farmers, builders and footballers to Dora the explorer, a Christmas Elf and Spiderman to name just a few. We even had a mini ‘Dean’ showing his appreciation of our own staff here at the

Visit to Sandford’s Bakery

As part of our harvest topic the Reception classes visited Sandford’s Bakery in Torrington. It was really interesting to see where all the bread and cakes are made and all the different machines they use. We especially liked the big roller that rolled out all the pastry. We learned about all the different bread that they bake and were given

Fire Fighters

To support our learning about fireworks, the fire engine crew from Torrington came to talk to reception. We talked about firework safety, and what we should do if we came across a fire. Then, Miss Dixon dressed up in the fire fighters protective clothing, she said it was very heavy! After that, we went outside and the fire fighters gave

Reception Harvest

The reception children have been learning about the importance of harvest time and what this looks like on the farm. We have followed the route of our food from the farm to the table. As part of this research we had a visit from Farmer Harris who brought in a tractor and talked about how this made his job much

Tristan da Cunha

A big thank you to William’s Dad who came to speak to us about a project he was part of with the Navy in getting much needed supplies to the most remote inhabited island in the world – Tristan da Cunha. He spoke with us about the challenges of getting large equipment there, the great teamwork that was needed, the

Positive Touch in RH

Children in class RH have really begun to enjoy Positive Touch and are working really well showing each other respect as they work in pairs. It is a useful activity for not only personal, social and emotional development, but also for physical development as they use a variety of movements with their hands and arms. Here are a few comments