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Around the World with Reception

The Reception children have been ‘travelling’ around the world recently.  Each class has studied different countries and put stamps in their passports to remember where they have been.  Families were invited to come on a ‘tour of the world’ with the children as the tour guides.  As they visited each ‘country’ (table of artefacts and photos) the children shared all about their learning.  They visited Romania, Cambodia, Australia, Peru, Latvia, Poland, The Gambia, Scotland, India, France and England. 

M and his Mum came to speak to us about Latvia, Ewa and B told us about Poland and Z and his Mum told us about Mauritius.  We also learnt about Scotland with Mrs. Flower and The Gambia with Mrs. Harris.  Come and speak to us about what we have found out about these countries. 

A fantastic time was had by all!  Thanks to everyone who supplied information and artefacts for the ‘countries’ and to everyone who came along.

In Class RH they learnt about Cambodia, a country special to Mrs Harris as she lived there for many years.  They learnt about the food – eating spiders, Angkor Wat (temple), Buddhism, getting around on motorbikes and cyclos, houses on stilts, monsoon rain, weddings and bringing gifts of fruit (on your head), writing letters and numbers and the only river in the world that changes direction of flow during the year.

 They learnt about the boat races to celebrate the Tonle Sap (river) changing direction and made their own boats.  Then, moi, bee, buy saum jaul DTOW! (1,2,3, go) ១ ២ ៣ សូមចូលទៅ!  “Blow your boat as fast as you can to win the race!”  They had great fun and really enjoyed learning about the similarities and differences between our own culture and that of the Khmer people.