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Anti-Bullying Assemblies

Classes 1M and 4D joined their forces against bullying on during Anti-Bullying Week when they experienced their first Buddy Assembly. Both classes enjoyed reading and discussing a poem by Kate Fleming: ‘The Hurt Feelings’ and talking about how being hurt inside takes a long time to heal. During the joint assembly children from 1M shared their ‘Bystander’ positive touch spiral with the pupils from 4D and the children from Year 4 read their own amazing poems about bullying. By the end of their Buddy Assembly they all agreed that they will try to be the Brave Befrienders and not the Shy Bystanders!

As part of their learning about Anti-Bullying Week, 1D and 5GH also held a paired assembly on 15th November 2018. Class 1D have been learning about the phrases “being unkind,” “teasing” and “bullying,” and discussing what makes a good friend. They have learned the Bystander poem, which talks about being a bystander or a befriender, along with some positive touch moves, which they shared with 5GH as part of their assembly.

Class 5GH also learned the Bystander poem and looked at cyber bullying, which does become more of a risk to pupils as they grow older and begin to use electronic devices. The children learnt what it is and ways to protect themselves from it. They also dramatised a cyber bullying situation which explained how it may happen and what they should do if they witness it.
The assembly was a great opportunity to share their learning and see how other classes have been embracing Anti-Bullying Week.


Class 3OS and The Bluecoat Group paired up for their assembly and performed the ‘Choose Respect’ anti-bullying song that Andy from CBBC performed> They also read the Bystander poem and discussed its meaning and finally said some prayers written by the children about kindness and respect.