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Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Year 5 have had an exciting term studying the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.  Earlier in the term we went on a trip to Escot and spent time learning about daily life in a reconstructed Saxon village.  There they experienced first-hand activities such as how to make daub and lay it on the wattle, grind spelt wheat into flour, use bellow and forge iron, split logs, carve wood, bartering and much more.  The author of ‘Tales of the Torridge’ Pauline Smith came to talk to the Year 5 children about Hubba who is reputed to have landed on the shores near Skern, Appledore and attempt to invade Kenwith Castle.  She read us her story and then we acted it out.  Later in the term, and linked with our class novel ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, we re-enacted our own version of Thor’s Day Thursday and the Initiation Ceremony to become a member of the tribe.  Children came dressed in Viking clothing and took part in drama activities such as shield stacking, a sword fighting display, dragon egg collecting, wellie wangling and the ugliest dragon art competition.  Afterwards they then wrote a newspaper article about the event in literacy.  In addition to all these enjoyable activities, the Yr.5’s have made their own shields in art, dragon body boxes in science, clay and wire jewellery brooches and made a Viking related animation from a play script they wrote and recorded in Literacy.