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A Top Visit from Mrs Recycle!

At the end of November, Mrs Recycle (Cathy) came into our school to visit classes 3G and 6M. She focused on encouraging the children to be aware of how they can recycle and reuse. They learnt all about the impact of dumping recyclable waste into our landfills and how it effects our landscapes, wildlife and health. They were each given the opportunity to decorate plastic bins which had been previously used for flowers in super markets.

These decorated bins have a purpose. They are to be used for collecting plastic bottle tops at home – and then to be brought into their classes. As a whole school we will be undertaking an art project with Mrs Recycle reusing the bottle tops. They are such a small but perfect item for creating a stunning display on our recycling container (as you walk through the car park gate it is on your right). Mrs Recycle came into our assemblies and showed the pupils various ideas of what we could design and create. There will be a competition for the design early next year where every class will contribute to the overall design.

But for now – we need your help! We need as many plastic bottle tops (think energy drinks, milk etc) as possible. Please just give them a rinse and send them into school. We will need thousands! Once they are here, we can gather them in colours, but the more variety of colours you can bring the better. Ask your neighbours; ask your friends. This is going to be huge!

Mrs Gibbons will be awarding the class with the most tops collected by Christmas a prize. So let the competition begin….!