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A Positive Touch for Anti Bullying Week

Monday 14th November saw the start of Anti-Bullying week, a national initiative which shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year. Throughout the week activities took place raising awareness of the subject which culminated in a whole school event where children participated in peer massage class spirals based on the responsibility to be pro-active in taking a stand against bullying. Peer massage has been recognised nationally for many years as an anti-bullying strategy and the children composed poems and short pieces of writing to link to their peer massage routine.

Bluecoat school has an active and kinaesthetic curriculum and as part of this peer massage is already used regularly throughout our lower school (chapters 1 and 2, Reception to Y3,) due to the research based evidence that shows it provides benefits for mental health and well-being; physical development; preparation for learning and personal and social development. Peer massage only ever happens over clothes, child to child on head, shoulders, back and arms with trained practitioners.

Class RH making their spiral

Class RH making their spiral

Class 2/3A created their positive touch spiral whilst they listened to a poem written by Poppy Fry. She wrote the poem when the class created Peace poems linked to the Peace and Harmony topic. The children created their own massage actions to link with the poem.

A Peaceful Incident

War turns into Peace
Fear and Killing is destroyed
Now there is no mystery to our world
Love is passed on to everyone.
The ones that fight and were badly injured are now remembered.
Once and for all we have peace, and quiet friendship is in the world.
Finally it is peaceful now.
Guns are not shooting, bombs are not killing and there  is sweetness in there.
Now it is peaceful in our world.

By Poppy Fry, age 7