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A look back at Christmas 2017…

Hark the Herald Reception Angels sing!

Providing maximum ‘Ahhhh’ factor to the packed audience, the Reception Nativity play ‘Angel Express’ flew off the stage with all the musical delight and fanfare of a West End show! Seth Hare led the confident cast as the worried Angel choir Conductor and displayed maturity beyond his years to weave faultless comic timing across the familiar tale.

Stars sparkled, sheep, donkeys and camels marched, shepherds quaked and wise men followed before a host of triumphant angels sang to the baton wafting arms of a relieved conductor.

Well to everyone involved it was a triumph!


‘You Can’t Catch Me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!’

Over Christmas, Nursery children looked at the book, The Gingerbread Man, and retold the story to parents using signs. The children did really well and gave a great show. However, disaster struck when they went to get the gingerbread men from the cupboard (that had been baked earlier in the week) – the children discovered that they had escaped and ran away!

They went in search of the Gingerbread Men, following the crumbs that had been left behind. But instead of finding the Gingerbread Men, they found characters from different stories and songs including Goldilocks and the three bears, and the old lady who swallowed a fly. In return for a clue, the children sang the characters their songs and the clue eventually led to a map, revealing where to find the Gingerbread Men.  They followed the map to forest school where they found a note. The gingerbread men had tricked them once again and they were very disappointed but luckily there were some beautiful christmas decorations hanging in the trees which they collected for the nursery christmas tree which was bare. When they returned to the Nursery there was a present waiting for them under the tree and inside, Gingerbread Men! Yay!

It was an eventful morning, but it remains a mystery where the present came from!


Turkey, Crackers and Christmas Cheer!

It was Christmas dinner day on Wednesday 13th December, and the catering team were on top form again serving hundreds of turkey dinners to the children of Bluecoat. The atmosphere was electric with Christmas music playing and a background of hustle and bustle as children ate together and excitedly pulled their crackers and donned their party hats. It was all hands on deck to ensure everyone was served efficiently and that the aftermath was cleared away swiftly.

Thank you to Hayley and the catering team, the mealtime assistants and all staff that rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in…and of course thank you to the children who made it such a special occasion.

Christmas Experiences

Christmas is a time for celebration and there are several events across the year groups that allow for just that. Year 3 children enjoyed a Christmas Experience at St. Michael’s Church, Years 1-3 attended a beautiful Christingle Service also at the Church, and Chapter 3 performed a festive Carol Service here at the School. In the community there was the annual ‘Big Sing’.